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The Jesus Lizard

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21.02.2007 - 01:50
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So Yeah...This Band pretty much rules my life....they were making fucked up Noise from the late 80's til the late 90's..then split, my favorite album of theirs has to be Liar...if you're a fan....hit this Motherfucker up
01.03.2007 - 22:43
hi-fi / lo-life
Their guitar player is definitely a genius but it always required some effort for me to tolerate the vocals... Naturally, these vocals would later be imitated by many bands, including Dillinger Escape Plan (which is IMO basically a sped up Jesus Lizard...) and even Mike Patton. Scratch Acid (David Yow's first band, which also featured the super-talented Rey Washam on drums) is also quite good, a forgotten gem of noise rock.
04.03.2007 - 17:02
Southern Wind
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I really want to check this band, since I made a thread about Oxbow and Jupitras told me that Jesus Lizard beat the shit out of them... I had hear just two or three noise rock albums in my life but the genre certainly sounds interesting
14.03.2007 - 01:11
Bad English
I know them, I had hear one song somewhere, but still i dunno where but it was some hard something from glam and grunge IMO, good band
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19.12.2010 - 05:28
Metal Scientist
*Resurrects thread*

One of my all time favourite bands. Goat is UP THERE in my top ten best ever list. The tragedy is that so many metal bands from say Mastodon to Oxbow to Keelhaul are influenced by these guys yet they get such little love from the metal world.
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