Anaal Nathrakh

Back in October, I reviewed the latest edition of soul-shredding noise from Anaal Nathrakh; when the opportunity for an interview subsequently arose, our lovely editor-in-chief kicked it over to me. I spoke with vocalist Dave Hunt, a.k.a. V.I.T.R.I.O.L., about their new album and, after the initial pleasantries, finally found out how to pronounce the name of the band.

Kevin: Alright, so… first question - and I apologize for this, but, uh… how do you actually pronounce the name of your band?

Dave: (*laughs*) We say "Anaal Nathrakh" span Al math rack"]. We took it from a film, so if you want, like, the "canonical" way of doing it, you can check out the film; it's called Excalibur, from some time in the mid-'80s, but yeah, "Anaal Nathrakh" is how I say it.

Posted: 06.12.2014 by ScreamingSteelUS | Comments (9)