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Although I always found it enjoyable, I never got really hooked on Icelandic black metal until first coming across the music of Wormlust in 2013. While the rest of the Icelandic scene was exploding seemingly everywhere around it, this idiosyncratic brainchild of one HV Lyngdal exerted an effort that felt slightly more discrete yet at least twice as powerful as the rest of the flock in The Feral Wisdom.

^Fans should really seek out the earlier Wormlust demos as well.

Becoming a huge admirer of what Lyngdal does in recent years, both via his own musical endeavors as well as for the Icelandic black metal community as whole, it was only a matter of time before my caged lunacy for both black metal and psychedelic music led to me seeking him out for conversation. Just recently, I was fortunate enough to catch the madman in his free time for an intriguing discussion about the intent of his work, his non musical artistic efforts, and more.

Posted: 05.05.2018 by Apothecary | Comments (13)

Snowy Shaw

Prolific multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Therion, Dream Evil, and many others) will be releasing his debut solo album, White Is The New Black, next month on his own label, Wunderwurld Music. I sat down to talk with Snowy about that (in our own separate, respective houses, at different times and through e-mail).

SSUS: Howdy. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at Metal Storm.

Snowy Shaw: Hey there -

SSUS: After all these years, you have dozens of recordings with as many artists to your name, yet White Is The New Black will be the first studio album you've released under your own name as a solo artist. What drove you to embark on a solo mission at this particular point in time?

Posted: 17.04.2018 by ScreamingSteelUS | Comments (4)