Ghost B.C. - Ogden Theater, Denver, USA - 18th April 2013

Event: Ghost B.C. - Haze Over North America 2013
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Published: 27.04.2013


Ghost B.C. - Ogden Theater, Denver, USA - 18th April 2013 by D.T. Metal (24)

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A couple of month ago when Ghost B.C. announced their Haze Over North America tour I was actually rather surprised on the choice of venue for their Denver gig. Last time the Swedes were in town (January 2012) they performed at the 500-seater Marquis Theater and this time they opted for the rather large Ogden Theater with a capacity of around 2000. Fine with me since the Marquis changed their photo policy a while back and I no longer take pictures there.

Quick recap on this one, and mind you this is second hand info since I wasn't there. But the word around the water cooler is that apparently some chick's professional DSLR got hit by a stage diver or crowd surfer while she was standing smack in front of the stage. The venue has no photo pit and the stage is about two feet off the ground and this happened during a show where the band was fine with such activities. Long story short - she wrote some nasty things about the Marquis on the interweb and the venue decided to allow photographers only on the side of the stage or in the back, with a zoom lens, from there on out.

And while the Marquis Theater clearly was not known for their awesome light-rig, they do book some great bands and I do miss shooting there. Thank you ma'am for fucking it up for the rest of us. The old saying comes to mind: "if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch", or something along those lines. Anyway, where was I at? Yes, Ghost B.C. at the Ogden Theater - with a photo pit. LOL

Once again a band had Denver at the top of their touring schedule. Ghost B.C. did play in Los Angeles prior to us, and actually did have their first gig on this run when they played in Indio, CA at the Coachella Festival, hmmm - and I will leave it at that. So, while the band flew from Cali into Denver, their crew and equipment drove with the tour bus - over the hills and far away - through snow and ice (yeah for Spring time in the Rockies *sarcasm mode turned way down*) and I was relieved once I heard the bus made it to Denver.

Lollygagging like a mofo, and after driving around the block several times to find a parking space, I made it into the Ogden Theater just in time to catch the ass end of the opening band; Denver's own Speedwolf. I really dig them but thought this was a rather odd choice for an opener to a Ghost B.C. show. However, it worked out just fine since the boys are well known in town and the audience gave them the proper respect as well.

Ides Of Gemini was up next and to be totally honest here, a) I never heard of them and b) hmmm, don't even know how to describe their music. They are a three-piece with a dude playing guitar, a chick on drums and another one who does the vocals and plays the bass. Their Facebook page calls the genre "Slavic" - whatever that is! Clean singing, simple guitar work and not overly complex drumming. I would venture to say their music is best enjoyed while tripping on some LSD or mushrooms. (* this is the opinion of the reviewer and Metal Storm does not endorse or encourage taking drugs while listening to music*) Anyway, clearly not for everyone, and I opted to patronize the bar and have a smoke during their set.

After Ides Of Gemini's set the natives were getting restless and the shouts "Ghost", "Ghost", "Ghost" were getting louder and more frequent. Don't know why since the change over time was actually not that long; thirty minutes max. But then it was finally time for the headliner to take the stage.

The stage was surrounded by fog, then one by one the Nameless Ghouls took their positions and finally Papa Emeritus II appeared on stage, greeted by the audience's chants of "hail Papa". The entire band was just standing there, soaking it all in, while the intro "Infestissumam" came out of the speakers. So it began

And now I have the dilemma on describing a Ghost B.C. gig. Seriously, no clue how to put this on paper what transpired the next hour and a half, but it was actually pretty awesome. Mind you, I am of the older generation and I do enjoy the band's rockish sound; songs as "Ritual" or "Stand By Him" are a delight to my soul and ears. But I was also rather surprised on the lack of new material Ghost B.C. played that night.

Their latest release Infestissumam hit the streets a couple days before the show, but they managed to play only four songs (five if you count the intro) from it. Weird, I would have thought they are promoting the album with a much higher ratio of new vs old ones. But hey, since the costs of the performing visas are outrageous, we might get to enjoy another tour within the next year; wouldn't hurt my feelings.

The bands performance was really good and equally awesome was the trio of guitars during "Prime Mover" where the two guitarists and the bass player stood in a somewhat circle during part of the song. I actually dig this particular one since it is so heavy in regards of the bass - awesome. Well shit, the whole performance was awesome - and loud! Holy crap were they loud! But the folks right up front didn't seem to care and nobody moved from their spot during the whole show.

While the Ogden Theater was not sold out that night, it was nonetheless a great turnout for Ghost B.C. in the Mile High City. The band will be on tour in North America until mid May, so check out the remaining dates and try to go. Blah, blah, - their gigs are called "rituals", why I have no clue, there is no rituals performed and no "sacrifices" made. (Watain anyone?) Even some of the Nameless Ghouls stated in interviews that the prime reason for the band's existence is to entertain. And let me tell you, this they do!


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28.04.2013 - 09:21
Ace Frawley
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Thanks for the well-written review and photos. I enjoyed reading about the show. I saw Ghost in Sydney earlier this year, before the new album was out, so the only new song I recognised back then was "Secular Haze".
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01.05.2013 - 17:00
Ag Fox
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Entertaining read as usual. Can only drool and imagine myself being there while stuck in a place with no metal gigs )=
loves 小巫
01.05.2013 - 19:03
Written by Ag Fox on 01.05.2013 at 17:00

Entertaining read as usual. Can only drool and imagine myself being there while stuck in a place with no metal gigs )=

You're in HK, go catch a BlackWine show. They're better than Ghost.
09.05.2013 - 14:22
Enemy of Reality
Ides of Gemini released an awesone album last year called Constantinople. I'm glad they're getting this kind of exposure. They deserve it!

24.05.2013 - 14:54
Marcel Hubregtse
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24.05.2013 - 18:03
D.T. Metal
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 24.05.2013 at 14:54


yap, saw it already ;-)

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