Obituary - Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO - 29 Feb 2016

Event: Cannibal Corpse: North American 2016
Written by: D.T. Metal
Published: 17.03.2016


Cannibal Corpse & Obituary - Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO - 29 Feb 2016 by D.T. Metal (28)

There are tours with death metal bands and then there are tours with f*cking death metal LEGENDS. The latter is what we got when Cannibal Corpse decided to hit the road with Obituary in tow. Fan-fricking-tastic !!!

While Abysmal Dawn and Canada's Cryptopsy were the icing on the (line-up) cake, it's a safe bet to say that most of the metalheads came out that night to watch the mighty Obituary. Not dissing on Cannibal here, but the Denver region had the pleasure of seeing them live plenty of times in the last couple of years, while sightings of the Tardy brothers and their cohorts have been scarce. Well, for some more than others. I still could kick myself in the ass, but due to a prior commitment, I missed Obituary on Halloween in 2014, in town, 15 minutes from my house, opening for Carcass, in a 500 seater venue.

You can't win them all I suppose. And speaking of - on my 'can't miss' list was a band I was so looking forward to finally seeing again this evening; Abysmal Dawn, but unfortunately my dreams were crushed upon arriving at the venue. Apparently the band had van issues, were stuck somewhere in Iowa and couldn't make the trek to Colorado. Bummer

I immensely respect Flo Mounier as a drummer - seriously, he is sick behind his kit - but I just can't get into Cryptopsy. Sickdrummer Magazine was on site to videotape his performance, so if you are interested, click right here and check it out. Moving on…

A little after 9pm and Blackfoot's 1979 Southern Rock classic "Train, Train" came over the PA; Ladies and Germs, the mighty Obituary was in the house and what better intro to "Redneck Stomp" could have been chosen? None. Next up were "Centuries Of Lies" and "Visions In My Head", both off 2014's Inked In Blood. And by that time the crowdsurfers had already made their ways over the barrier plenty of times.

The entire band looked and sounded great that night and the Denver audience showed their appreciation with relentless cheering and an almost nonstop mosh-pit. I was standing upstairs at the Summit Music Hall and after John Tardy announced: It's always good to be in Denver… and "Intoxicated", the whole lower floor looked like someone set fire to an ant-hill; moshing galore would be an understatement.

Drummer Donald Tardy told me earlier in the day that they tried to put a set-list together which would be worthy of this tour; and oh my god did they ever. The fans came out to see them perform their classic songs and Obituary didn't disappoint. "'Til Death", "Dying", "Turned Inside Out", "Chopped In Half" and "Slowly We Rot"; it felt like a Chinese sweathouse inside the venue. So much fun!

All good things have to end and after a little over 45 minutes, it was over. Much to the displeasure of the audience I might add, but chants about an encore fell on deaf ears. Obituary proved that night that old-school Florida death metal is still THE best death metal around; period. They really stole the show in my opinion, but this didn't excuse the fact that quite a few people left right after their set. Show respect to the headliner for crying out loud since Cannibal Corpse is always fun to watch and with a ticket price of almost 30 bucks one would think people would at least stay for the whole show. Not that it was empty by the time Cannibal came one, but still.

So, Cannibal Corpse - always a delight and never a disappointment when seeing them live. But since my main focus that night was on Obituary, I will keep this short and simple - Cannibal kicked ass. 17 songs of brutality and it was epic; onstage as well as in the pit.

Small side note: right before "Kill Or Become" Mr. Denver Broncos super fan George Corpsegrinder made a little speech about how awesome it was to see HIS Broncos win the NFL Super Bowl Trophy this year; classic!

Set list: Evisceration Plague, The Time To Kill Is Now, Scourge Of Iron, Death Walking Terror, Stripped, Raped And Strangled, The Wretched Spawn, Pit Of Zombies, Kill Or Become, Sadistic Embodiment, Icepick Lobotomy, Covered With Sores, Born In a Casket, I Cum Blood, Unleashing The Bloodthirsty, Make Them Suffer, Hammer Smashed Face, Devoured By Vermin


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