Kao's Core 3 - Niort, France - 2/10/2004

Written by: wrathchild
Published: 18.10.2004

Kao's Core, 3rd edition. I must say I never heard of it before, and probably because I wasn't interested neither in Chaos nor in Core. Things in "core" never appealed to me.
But this time, my attention was caught by the fact 2 bands I knew were to play there: Feeding and Trepalium. Also, the name "Scarve" is getting more and more famous among the international metal scene.
And as two friends of mine were going there, I went too.

I only attended to day 2, on Saturday night, featuring Scarr, Trepalium, Scarve, and Aborted.

The first day, Feeding, Field of Illusions, Inside Conflict and G.T.I. played, but I cannot tell you more about them, or else I would write a review about a concert I haven't seen!
You might want to check them through thier websites. I'll just say that those names are becoming more and more familiar, but mainly through the French scene.

So let's step in the concert hall, after having queued for some time: the show was sold out, welcoming some 300 people.

Scarr began the war, with a sort of death metal, a bit heavy or thrash influenced (in my opinion - I have even seen "power metal" mentioned in some reviews! But no, no power metal here), somewhat close to what some call "hardcore"...
They did a good show, I even enjoyed the singer's performance. The sound was good, as well as the light show (it wasn't extraordinary of course, but still very enjoyable). They just lack something that could makes them emerge from the mass. And I think they can find it.

Next band were my favorites: Trepalium! The only band I knew this night, so of course, it helps in enjoying it. And well... their performance was probably the best in terms of composition, music... but their sound wasn't as good as the other bands: the guitars especially, though I bet those who didn't know their album didn't notice anything bad with it.
On the other hand, the bass was well set, and could be heard better than in the previous Trepalium shows I went to.
The show was well recieved by the audience even with the fog - this artificial smoke - that nearly prevent the crowd from seeing the band... Hard to take photos... I hope it wasn't made on purpose.

Now, it was time for the crowd to welcome the highly awaited members of Scarve. Their album has been greatly rewarded by the media, so without having heard it before, I thought the show would be great. And well...
The guys did play well, and having 2 singers is a good idea, but well, the sound was really bad. And they had this guy from Soilwork especially there to manage the band's sound. It was loud, very loud, and it killed every detail of their music.
The drummer of Aborted came to play a song by the end of the show, it was very appreciated, even though the feeling of disappointment was shared by many of us...

And finally, Aborted: death metal, gore lyrics. I'm not a fan of the genre but it was pleasant. The sound was better, and the crowd was quite active. Many jumped off the stage, including some youngsters... who abused of this, it was annoying.
This time it was Dirk, drummer for Scarve, who took place behind the drumkit for a couple of songs (or one.. actually I don't remember that well).
Aborted were the headliners, and that was no mistake. They probably made the best performance, evn though it could have been much better... None of the bands really used the space given to them, and basically, the interaction with the audience were a bit limited.

In between the bands, Anthurus d'Archer played their strange music in a small corner of the room. They were in charge of doing some contests, there were some albums and t-shirts to win, etc.
They play some metalo-crazy-folk music... at least it's how I see it. Kinda interesting, though sometimes their experimentations reminds me of those modern paintings, like "a white line on a white background", you know, meaningless annoying and boring... maybe I'm not prepared to enjoy all of the music of this combo (3 guitars, a flute, a saxophone, and a beat machine - don't realy know the name - and some vocals ranging from growls to normal singing).

Thanks to Théo and the association Explor'Art for the pass and the festival!
And support French metal!


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