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The Old Dead Tree At La Locomotive Paris

Event: The Old Dead Tree
Written by: Jeff
Published: 10.06.2006


La Locomotive, Paris - 07.05.06 by Jeff (20)

After two chaotic days at Beauvais, we decided to stop the Metalliance "nightmare" to join our Frenchies of The Old Dead Tree for the last concert of Nicolas, their guitarist, in Paris at the Locomotive.

A lot of people was there for this really special event with Jadallys, Magica, Leaves' Eyes and The Old Dead Tree. But let me tell you that the general atmosphere was really weird. Really sad on a side but full of love on the other hand it was one this magic show if you see what I mean…

But well, no more tears, it's time for music now...

Jadally began the afternoon. This band was really original because their music, their performances was a bit theatrical. With three really charismatic musicians, and a really good singer they played during approximately 30 minutes. Even if their music, a mix of Gothic and alternative music is not so easy of access, the crow was receptive. Well, it wasn't so surprising, Jadally play a lot in Paris and in general this band is really good on stage. It was a nice beginning.


After Jadally, we had the luck to listen to Magica, the symphonic Metal band from Romania. It was the second time of the week end that we saw the band (this time the conditions were a lot better than the ones of the Metalliance, 2 days ago) and if I must confess that I didn't like a lot their first performance in Paris last year, I must confess now that it was a lot better this time. That's simple, Magica just confirmed my feeling that the band, week after week, is becoming better and better. The show was not so long but the band played all their hits with in addition a "Moon" medley (a mix of song related to the Moon, "Moonlight Shadow", "Full Moon" etc…). It was enjoyable and it's good to see a band that was just happy to play music on stage.


After Magica, Leaves' Eyes was the next band. It was the first time that I saw the band live and well I was expecting something good since that I like a lot their first album. And it was good, Leaves' Eyes did a nice performance full of energy, with a lot of charisma and their numerous chats with the audience were highly appreciated by the public. I will not say that it was the best performance ever, and some stuff, like the "lovely nice" speeches between the "wife" and the "husband" were a bit cheesy. But it was full of energy really and even the ones who weren't fans of this kind of music were surprised by the power of the music of Leaves Eyes. Yes, it was possible to headbang during their set!

Leaves' Eyes

As I said in my introduction, this concert was really special because Nicolas, the guitarist of The Old Dead Tree, decided some weeks before to leave the band to stay with his wife and his son. You can imagine that the ambiance was really strange, a bit sad full of emotions. But if it was really emotive on a side, it was also really powerful, like a real punch in our heads too. The band played with all its energy, the crowd wasn't sleepy at all, at the opposite, and this show will stay in our memories for a long time.

The Old Dead Tree

Evidently, The Old Dead Tree played all its hits, with old ones like "We Cry As One" or "The Bathroom Monologue" or new ones like "Out Of Breath" and "So Be It!". We even had a duet with the new female singer of Penumbra. And I don't know if it came from the general special ambiance of from something else but this time the band was extremely good on stage. In general The Old Dead Tree isn't a great band live a bit uncoloured but during this evening, they were extremely good with a lot of communication with the audience, with jokes etc. It was nice and not only their music was good because their general performance was, really nice too and I really hope that we will be able to see them like that again in the future.

Bye Bye Nicolas...

By luck, we had the chance to be at the Locomotive this night. It's always a bit special, a bit sad to see this kind of farewell but all the guys and gals who was there will agree with to say that they saw something special that they will not forget. The four bands were all really good, the crowd was excellent, same with the organisation. Nothing to add it was just a magical evening…

Many thx again to my mate Flo and to Olivier and all the Elianor Team


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