U.D.O. @ Tallinn, Rock Cafe, 28.09.2011

Event: U.D.O.: Rev-Raptor Tour
Written by: ArgoP
Published: 06.11.2011

To be honest, I wasn't very excited before or after U.D.O. concert in Tallinn, because I had seen Udo, the singer of the band, on stage before with Lordi and the reason why I had bought the ticket to the show was because of his work with Lordi (on The Arockalypse CD), being in the band Accept and also the power in the voice Udo has.

From the support bands I had seen Sister Sin two times before. I didn't know much about Sevenfields except that they are from Norway and play metal. The sound of the band was in disorder - it wasn't possible to hear any word the singer sang. Also they had technical problems with the drum sound so they had to finish earlier than expected. There isn't anything good or bad to say about the band, in a festival they would be just play as the first band in the morning.

Sister Sin from Sweden had a bit bigger audience than they had last time in Rock Cafe and got more positive feedback as well by the people. They remind me a bit of Finnish rock band Vanity Ink, with female singers they both know how to warm-up the audience in a club totally. The sound level was much better from Sevenfields, it was possible to hear their singer and they even played cover of U.D.O.'s song "24/7", which can be found on their last album Sound of the Underground, but even other songs like "Outrage" and "Beat 'em Down" attracted everyone so much and "grabbed" them back in front of stage.

After that, Sister Sin's crew cleared the stage, brought 2 guitar pedals on only and a big drum set; lighting techniques were used there as well. I really like the green-themed album cover of the band's latest, Rev-Raptor, and that's what was also used on the bass drums. And then, when the intro started and the band came on stage, it was like an indescribable relaxing feeling when Udo walked on stage. I thought that I don't like much the metal-music the band plays, as I had listened it on CD before, but during refrains you just sing along as they are the most catchiest parts of the songs and with their music they bring balls back to rock. So it's just like with The Arockalypse, that music is too metal, but the lyrics are absolutely great.

Half of the songs were from the new album, half from the past albums and when the band played Accept covers, people had a party feeling. And also two solos were played - drum solo and guitar solo. During the last one, Igor came off the stage and through the backstage door and then came straight to the audience, where he could barely move, as the venue was almost sold out. The same he did in 2009 in Tallinn, which you can see in a blog video on Youtube. Both solos, drum and guitar were very enthralling. Actually, there were smaller guitar jams during the show quite often. Especially I liked the guitar jam with Igor and Stefan and when Igor gave a can of beer to Stefan to drink there, Igor held the can.

Generally, U.D.O. is a great night for a big metal show. Especially if you are a metal fan and you like Accept's older songs, you should see U.D.O. instead. Accept, in my opinion, isn't so fascinating to see in concerts.

As I usually go to enjoy the show in the front row, I didn't take any picture as always, but I collected some links from media where are the pictures taken from the show:



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