Imperial Crystalline Entombment interview (03/2005)

With: All members
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 28.03.2005

Band profile:

Imperial Crystalline Entombment

The new ice age is near… with piercing Black Metal, I.C.E. (Imperial Crystalline Entombment) announces the new era of Ravaskeith.
With fear I asked the questions that would help uncover the mystery called I.C.E., but my task was no piece of cake, since the members were reluctant to give away their true identities, instead I got a warning from the glacial crypts of the arctic kingdom, how close did I got from obtaining their true identities? I don't know, but my life will no longer be the same…

01. Tell me a little about yourselves as a band, how do you come up with the songs, who writes, who composes, who is the creative force in the band?

These songs all come from a collective....we gather together in this form only so often to spit forth this human way of expanding the mind and soul. Our inhuman souls are constantly colliding together on the astral level intertwining, and inspiring each other.....hence all these songs come forth naturally as a combined unity of power and conviction. No one person creates, we all just flow. We do not handle things as normal human men can comprehend....It is hard for me to explain...This music just we just ARE. The creative force behind ICE is the almighty force of Råvaskeith, the ever spinning orbital pull of subsonic and frozen white matter within each tumbling blackhole throughout time and space.

02. The Black Metal you play is really cold, so is the image you present to the public, but I was thinking, it must get really hot under that mask and the robes how do you manage to stay cold under it?

The clothing we wear simply conceals us amongst the vast frozen landscape during our communions. We need not be disturbed by any who many spot our ritual communions. Also these cloaks conceal and hide our now sunken and frozen bodies...hideous are flesh as become thru the transformation. We feel nothing and our blood now pumps sheer ice. There is no heat in our bodies, and no warmth in our hearts.

03. Ok, I'm dying to know, because I've read some of your lyrics what in hell is Råvaskeith?

Råvaskeith is not a "what", also the alphabetical accumulation of letters into speakable form is not the true name or calling of the great Råvaskeith. We are merely mediators between the ancient and this corporeal universe. All your human scientists have comprehended that the concept of time is nonexistent, and "just is" and has been, far before humans designated "time" to it. They also have stumbled upon the hundreds of traveling black holes that sift through this sun's star cluster alone, and yet they are still far from realizing the origin of these shifting masses and there power as well as the empty blackmatter that fills the vast, cold abyss of space. We where chosen, conjured and brought to the north to be the first creatures of this universe to conjure and summon the waves of ice through the ever expanding universe. This is fact, and we have no control nor invention over this power, Råvaskeith will make the truth known soon enough, then all will know of Råvaskeith without explanation.

04. You keep your identities very well kept if you ask me, there's a veil of mystery behind the band, I've heard speculations, assumptions and even guesses about the true identity of I.C.E. members, what do you have to say? Are you going to say your names to me? (come on, our little secret, I won't tell anybody)

The unity of our mortal summoning cannot be specifically determined. We know that before the transformation during that great blizzard of Råvaskieth's then unknown seventh eclipse, we were mortal souls, musicians, outcasts and astral spacetime thinkers. Those general genetics are still engraved in our mortal shells, and corporeal field, but each of us, retain nothing of who or what each of us where or from whence we came, so we do not even know ourselves, who in the scene we may have been. The only thing each of us remembers from our pathetic mammalian lives is the extreme pain of the CALLING. Everything meant nothing, but to crawl barefleshed into the vast frozen blizzard of the north, for weeks, wondering with no nourishment or clothing, until each of us individually became engulfed with the channeled spirits of to whom we where each called. Our history means nothing, as such is true with human existence and that of every lifeform on this planet. This life evolution was an accident, a mistake. We are here to correct that mistake. For in the eyes of each blackhole and each dying sun, history is future and future is history. The icy bleak kingdom of the blinding, frozen Råvaskeith came before all and shall return to all, from history to present, and back to history again, as an ever moving force, yet always cold and always present. The fleeting sparks of warmth that created your existence and your sun are only dumbfounded ants, misguided blindly within an army of a million uniform brethren. It's soon time for them to die....and your world will go with them.

05. Where does your fixation on cold, winter, snow, ice, themes came? Are you trying to say us something? Maybe you're foretellers of a cold future?

We are indeed foretellers of a frozen a desolate future, in actuality a return to the past. But fixation? Fixation as in your pathetic human avarice for the crutch of religion over the span of homosapien existence? Fixation as in the negative energy of human questioning, persistence and arrogance to pursue more that it's capable of achieving? There is no Fixation to ICE more so than the ever flowing energy of the great Råvaskeith, who came before all, and who will END all. This force is universally cold as is all lifeless energy within the cavern of frozen emptiness. The return to ICE and the return to the bleak kingdom of snow is a natural circle of evolution. Your human existence only came to life, because of the clash and warmth of a chaotic starburst, and like it's rebellion to truth will soon implode on itself to join once again with the cold empty space of frozen origin. This "Fixation" is truth, a truth born far before the concept of life as your human/ape thought patterns can comprehend as life. The bitterness of the cold is the last and highest sensation existing life will have the pleasure/displeasure of comprehending. Beyond that, when the spirits of the ancient Råvaskieth tumble forward and each planet within each solar system is engulfed in frozen death, then the real ICE , and the real cold begins, beyond your concept of snow and subzero temperatures... will come an incomprehensible universe of blinding white space and frozen emptiness. Thy kingdom come!

06. Do you have enemies? I bet there's a band called "Majestic Conflagrated Imprisonment" out somewhere, you know, the old Fire Vs. Ice thing, so, who is your sworn enemy?

Our enemy is the one and only enemy, the rebellious star bursts and betrayers of cold vast emptiness. Without their blind rebellion to desire the morbid existence of life, there would be nothing but blinding white light...the cold empty reign of the universal Råvaskieth. Your sun as well as every sun, shall eventually implode thru the power of the Gåmorkian ice shroud. We could care less about any of you humans or your feeble brain functions, or pathetic attempts to mock or imitate us....All those hope filled, ignorant mammals who shun the message of ICE, are revealing to the rest of their genetic monkey pools, their own shaking and frail human nature of FEAR. They fear what they do not know or understand, like every other scrambling animal on this doomed planet. We are pleased to know and it is expected that the masses of filth on this planet will dismiss ICE, this will only bring them more pain in the END. When the first snowfall begins, and the skies are swarmed with the throbbing pulse of the heaving Gåmorkian winds, the earth will foolishly cry to their selfish and self created gods in futile anguish. We are glad to open the doors of truth to the ears of the contemplateable human race...let them know of there oncoming demise...there is more pain and fear that way ....unlike the wild animals who are oblivious to the approaching apocalypse. Be aware and know that soon the time shall come, and you will ALL succumb.

07. What kind of music do you listen to? Which are your main influences? What's on your playlist lately?

We do not know such things...we cannot describe what influences we may have had during our pathetic mortal shells. In each spoken transaction we partake in, with you foul inquiring humans....we keep hearing this reoccurring name of "immortal" being brought up, which is what I'm sure your hinting at. We do not know of this "Immortal"? Surely there can be no immortal on this planet.....this is a corporeal planet, and thus all living energy will eventually be frozen dead, once the Gåmorkian powers make their way from the abyss across the frozen emptiness of space....all will perish. There are no immortals but those who still dwell within the strain of the frozen black holes and expanding nebulae. If there are some forces within your world who produce similar soundscapes and sonic summoning then they are among those who instinctively feel the pull of the great orbital Råvaskeith, as we did as mortals before the CALLING. We do not listen to music, only to the whispers of demonic truths that echo through the frozen winds of the Gåmork, and to the hollow screams of the spirit army beyond, which make themselves present during our ritual communions.

08. What do you eat?

We thrive amongst the northlands, hidden within caverns of ice and snow, communing with the ONE. Your children are abducted by us, and skinned within the piercing blizzard winds of astral nebulae. On their flesh and any living creature that stumbles into our path, we may feed upon, although out hungers exists only for the frozen hypothermic death of all life.
This powerful hate is what really sustains us, not food.

09. How do you reproduce?

We reproduce through the energy and the cold blizzard winds of the great Gåmorkian fluid. We are here to bring the news of the destruction of life, not to reproduce it. All life will no longer exist once the Great Råvaskieth tumbles forth from the empty dwelling place. So our only "reproduction", is through the force of frozen hate within our sonic vibrations created on this album. When people listen, they feel the power and spread the seed of fear, and dismal hopelessness. That is our "reproduction".

10. Why did you chose Black Metal to spread your message to the world?

It is the heart of winter; it is the heart of emptiness, the screamers of pain and truth. Those who see life as it truly is, rebellious and ignorant to the truth of frozen bleak white. We are here to eradicate those starbursts and nebulie, and force them to implode back through the blackholes and into the vast space of empty white.You mortal monkeys are so quick to inquire more and more about ICE, more death, more misery, more hateful blasting. It is no wonder that your deaths will come swift and painful the way you subconsciously desire it to be....because primordially deep down, you know what should be. The end of life, the rise of the Råvaskieth and the rightful frozen universal kingdom.

11. I bet hypothermia is not an issue to you, but what about hot weather? What about a concert? Are you planning any gigs somewhere? And if so, how are you going to do it without being hot, and without letting the public die from hypothermia?

Questions, questions, you not get it yet, you must listen to the album more, and travel to the north and blast the album in your ears , secluded in a forest within a blizzard. If we were to take the time out to visit a festival or appear for you monkeys, there would be no ice for you, only the warning of the apocalyptic end in white. This event is in progress but it takes time, such power cannot be displayed at a show for mere entertainment reasons. The heat of normal life also has no impact on us as we are already dead., and even though our frozen bodies, are indeed frozen, heat would only display our sunken bodies, as just that, --dead meat, that will smell and reek of truth.

12. What are your plans for the future as a band?

There is nothing else in our lives / death apart from ICE. We were given a new life, and until our mission is complete, ICE and the summoning of the END, shall be the way. We will continue to thrive amongst the northlands, hidden within caverns of ice and snow, communing with the ONE. Your children shall continue to be abducted by us, and skinned within the piercing blizzard winds of astral nebulae, and we will continue to record these frozen sonic vibrations as a spit in the eye of all humanity.

13. This has been fun, really, but I bet you have something else to say.. any final words for the human kind out there?

We know there are some out there who also eagerly await the coming of the END, this music is for them. Those of you who have always looked at this existence and known that something is not right, something is look with hate and misanthropy...ICE is for open your souls and have the great eye of Råvaskeith stare into you. Feel the hate, and when the cold winds come and the screaming begins....take your knife with you into the snow....bury yourself deep and end your own life, then and only then will you who understand, perish in emptiness without the vicious pain of the astral cosmic regime....

So I go… with coldness in my heart, wondering if the things I heard are true... if they are…dark frigid times awaits for us all.

From an icy cavern up north, this has been Undercraft reporting for Metal Storm. Good night



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02.06.2008 - 08:56
Jason W.
This is still one of my favorite interviews of all time - music, movies, whatever!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
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lol funny stuff.
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Hahaha, this is really great! I will have to listen to the album now!!

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