Scar Symmetry interview (05/2006)

With: Jonas Kjellgren [Guitar]
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 10.05.2006

Band profile:

Scar Symmetry

1. Could you please make a short introduction of your band to those readers of ours who are not familiar with your band?

Formed in 2004 by me and the other guys in the band, cause we wanted to try to make some unique music together.Released our debut album "Symmetric in Design"early 2005.The music is some kind of melodic-heavymetal/deathmetal hybrid or something.
Now we soon have our second album out "Pitch Black Progress" and will do the EuropeanNeckbreakers Ball tour now in april!!

2. The members from Scar Symmetry have come together from several other different bands. How did you meet each other for the first time and decide to start this band?

I was recording the Altered Aeon album, and realised that it would be wonderful to have such an amazing drummer in the band..So I simply asked Henrik if he wanted to join, and he said he wanted their guitarist Per to also join the band! And then of course everybody was invited this new band hehe. The same with Chrille our vocalist,he came to my studio and recorded both Torchbearer an Incapacity with me producing, so I told him about this new band, and he told me he wanted to join the band before I even had asked him, so he was a sureshot!! Me and the bass-player are collegues/friends since years back, he is a bass-teacher at our local music-school and I am teaching guitar at the same school, so he was destined to be in this new band!!!

3. Which bands would you say have influenced you the most?

I can only speak for myself and my influences, I don't really know what the other guys listens to or what kind of music they get influenced from…The only thing I know is that Per loves Allan Holdsworth. My riffs/songs/solos are very much influenced by what I listened to as a kid.Lots of IronMaiden,Scorpions,MSG,Dio,Rush,King Diamond and later Megadeth,Testament,Metallica,Voivod and of course Slayer. Now adays I'm still listening to the same old bands with a few exceptions. New bands I like are Nevermore,Cannibal Corpse,Nile and maybe some new stuff by Entombed or some other quality shit.New SYL are amazing btw!!!

4. Many people say that you are like a rougher version of Soilwork. How do you see this comparison?

Seriously I don't know so much about the music of Soilwork so it's hard for me to tell,I heard Natural born Chaos in a friends car once when that album came out, and it was really cool! if Soilwork is like a "cleaner/lighter" version of Scar Symmetry I will check them out some more hehe..

5. What would you say is the main difference with your new album Pitch Black Progress compared to your debut album?

More of everything on the new one both heavier/faster, but on the other hand also softer!?

6. Let's talk about touring, which countries are you planning to visit this year?

First we will tour Denmark, Germany, Holland;Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, France then home for some Swedish shows. Some european festivals this summer and later I really hope we can tour the US and go to Japan and Australia... shit I want to go everywhere…

7. When Scar Symmetry was first formed many people were impressed by the fact that such new band made a deal with such a big record label as Metal Blade. Now you have even signed to a bigger label; Nuclear Blast. How did that happen?

Honestly, I have no idea..They contacted us or something, I don't think so much about stuff like that. For me it's the music that counts, I will continue to make music even if I have to release the stuff by myself. To make metal seems to be my call here in life.I started my first band 1987 when I was 10years old, it was a heavy-metal band called Ice-Snake(cool name eeh uuhh) and I have so many great years of making metal in front of me!!

8. What is the difference of working with a big and worldwide known record label compared to the smaller and less known ones?

In a way there is no difference,both small and big labels try to do the same thing;sell records.Bigger labels often have more possibilities to promote their bands in more/better ways.

9. Do you guys also have any daytime job?

Sure we all do, I am a producer+ giving some guitar-lessons, Chrille is a nurse.Kennet is a bass-teacher, Per is a Guitar-teacher and Henrik works at a steelfactory

10. Here are a few short questions:

· The most tragic moment/event in metal history?
The death of Piggy in Voivod,I cryed…I think he had so many great records left to do.

· The most influential metal album ever?

· The best guitarist ever born?
Jimi Hendrix

· Extreme Metal OR Melodic Metal?
I really like all styles of Metal so I have to pass this one….

11. Thanks a lot for your time, any last words?

Yeah thank you a lot for the interview, and if any of you ever feels sad and lonely! Buy some beers or rent a movie and then everything feels a bit better!!!!



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20.12.2006 - 14:28
Account deleted
This interview has been posted in May, now their Pitch Black Progress is released. Nice album, but i still prefer the first one.
21.12.2006 - 15:28
@..HumanError..:Their cd 'Pitch Black Progress' was already released in may 2006.

I just love Scar Symmetry. They're one of my fav bands. Incredible! the vocals, the guitar, drums,... GREAT!
I like both cd's, their both real masterpieces
03.02.2007 - 20:02
The best melodeath band founded after the millenium imo so far, both albums released so far are amazing, but the first one sounded abit better. anyway keep up the good work and cant wait for the next album to come!
Mors Principium Est
09.04.2007 - 18:07
Erotic Stains
They sure are a great band, at least that I've heard. Kinda boring interview though...
21.06.2007 - 07:24
great band!!! to many clean vocals sometimes but excelent !!

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