Elfonía - This Sonic Landscape (Song by Song)

With: Marcela Bovio
Conducted by: Ivor (phone)
Published: 21.07.2006

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Album info: This Sonic Landscape

01. IV
02. Máquina
03. Soundscapes
04. Desaciertos
05. ... De Los Libros Del Tiempo
06. Camaleón
07. Letargo
08. Mañana
09. Traveling
10. Gigantes
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+ II

Recorded during the interview on 22 December 2005.


We have the first track called "IV." It's actually also a part of "Gigantes" which means giants, the last three songs of the album. But I'll tell you about them at the end because that's kind of an ending of the story, you know.


We start with "Máquina." Máquina means machine. And this songs kind of like that, you know. When you're out of your natural environment, so to say, and you feel trapped in this routine. We see it like being part of this big machine that you have to follow, you have to keep rhythm, you have to keep up with this routine. So, there's kind of a lot of tension to this song. And that's pretty much how things start.


And you have "Soundscapes" which is a song about dreaming, daydreaming about the life you would like to be having, you know, the dreams you have and visualising yourself in that dreamy state.


I'm not sure how to translate. (Laughs.) It could be translated maybe like, you know, mistakes. And that's what the song is about. Kind of like doing a little introspection and thinking about all the mistakes and all the maybe wrong decisions that you feel you've done in your life and how everything builds up to... to... I don't know how to say it. (Laughs.) Well, you know, to the problems you now have. How everything you've done in your life has influences in your life nowadays.

"... de los libros del tiempo"

And that's pretty much what the next track about as well. How those things can't be erased, you know. Everything you sort of write in your life journey, it's something that will stick to you for the rest of your life. "... de los libros del tiempo" means "From the Books of Time." (Laughs.)


There's also "Camaleón" which means cameleon. And this song is about just trying to run away from all these things and hiding from reality and trying to block everything away and not dealing with it.


Then we have "Letargo" which means... I don't know what it means. (Laughs.) Give me a second and I'll tell you. It's sort of letargy. I don't know if you know the word. It means something like laziness or being in sloppy state, kind of like lazing out. So, the song itself is a little break, you know, a little mindless moment where you just keep running away from the things that have been troubling you.


Mañana means tomorrow. It's a song where you realise that you cannot go on just not dealing with the things that trouble you. It's about becoming aware that the decisions that you don't take today, tomorrow will make a difference.


"Traveling" is like a turning point, realising all these things and somehow stopping in your life and saying "Hey! I have to do something about my life, you know!" Having to just change what you need to change and overcome your problems.

"Gigantes (I-III)"

And the "Gigantes" comes which means giants, like I said. It's sort of a journey of inner struggle when you finally decide to fight against what haunts, what worries you. And these three tracks outline this journey, you know, from realising it and then deciding to do it and then kind of like breaking out from that shell and just coming out. Getting a little bit closer to the image of your ideal life you have. And that's pretty much it.


Posted on 21.07.2006 by I shoot people.

Sometimes, I also write about it.

And one day I'm going to start a band. We're going to be playing pun-rock.


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22.07.2006 - 00:08
Rosetta Stoned
Camaleón is the only song I've heard, great though with Lucassen on guitars. Good interview
22.07.2006 - 23:23
It's great to know more about Marcela and company, I'm an Elfonìa and Stream of Passion fan. The Elfonia work is like a new music concept, and I'm very proud because they are from my country. Congratulations to Elfonia band.

18.10.2006 - 05:46
Letargo = Lethargy its like a deep dreams or something like that .......its like when bears makes the hibernation

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