Wastefall interview (03/2007)

With: Domenik Papaemmanouil [Guitars]
Conducted by: Jeff (in person)
Published: 30.03.2007

Band profile:


- Ok Domenik, can you do a little presentation of Wastefall for the people who don't know you yet?

So, Wastefall is a band that we like to call Progressive and our lyrics, generally speaking, talk about emotions and the human being. And we have many kind of different music styles in our influences but yes we can say that Wastefall is a Progressive Metal band with emotional lyrics.

- On your last album, I hear a lot of influences from Metal or even Pop music, I may be wrong but I even heard some influences from Muse…


- Yeah, Muse!

Well, you're not wrong actually. But you see, you'll have some more influences from them on our next album that we will release later! (laughs). But well, Self Exile is probably our heavier album, or darkest album also and we have heavy but also groovy riffs there, like atmospheric stuff too. Self Exile is a mix of all those things.

- You released the album in April… I don't remember, when exactly…

Well, here in France in November but it was in June I think…

- How was the feedback? Good?

Well, all the reviews were really good but here in France, it was the best.

- Yeah, I remember that you got a great review in the French Rock Hard.

Yes! It's really nice and we appreciate that especially because we like France a lot. It's an important country for us.

- And how did you feel after that you read all those nice words?

Well, it was important for us because, it's the beginning. I mean it's the first time that we have the possibility to spread our music all around the world. We're in a small country and this kind of music is not so important in Greece.

- Progressive music doesn't have a lot of fans in Greece?

Well, a bit but not a lot. It's underground. We have a lot of stupid pop music. People don't listen to Metal or even Rock you know.

- Well, don't worry it's a bit the same here in France too (laughs)

Is it the same???

- Oh yeah (laughs). People prefer to listen to French Pop music or Hip Hop rather than rock and Metal.

Hip Hop? Well, you're Hip Hop bands are famous anyway. And you know, they're good because at least they have stuff to say. That's not the same with our Greek Pop bands (laughs), they're really stupid (laughs).

- Do you think that Metal can do something better in Greece? Because here we all think that it's changing. Take some bands like Gojira, they're famous now.

Yes, I think so. I will give you one fact. We played with Black Sabbath at Rock Wave festival in 2005 and 50.000 people were there to listen to Rock music. So no doubt that we have a lot of Metal fans in Greece but I don't know what's going on. But in general "normal" people listen to Pop so…

- That's funny because I really think that our two countries are really similar on this point. We don't live in Finland or Germany (laughs).


- You had a lot of line-up turnover, you changed a lot of members since the beginning of the band. How it's going on now?

Now, it's the best line up that we've ever had. We're all very good and close friends, we don't have any shit or jealousy between us. Our drummer is really amazing, our bass player is a killer, our guitar player is cool… We try to do our best to mix all our way to see the music.

- So we don't have to expect any new changes now?

No I can tell you for sure that it will not change!

- I suppose that I'm not the first one who says that, but it's surprising to see such a young band with young members who are such mature musically speaking. How did you come to this result?

We're young that's right. I think that we try to have emotions to do music. We don't only play music, we live it! Plus, I don't stay here you know, I mean that I like to see real things so it's a good source of inspiration and a good way to learn things.

- When did you start to sing or to play the guitar?

Ok, I will speak about everybody then. Our drummer, Kostis is a very good drummer and he started to play 5 or 6 years ago. He works a lot and had a lot of bands so he has a lot of experience already. Our bassist, Nick, never learn from a teacher or anything, he is a real autodidact. Alex also, and the good thing with him is that he has his own way to play the guitar. Plus, he writes all the lyrics, he is really important in the band. Me, I was a pianist and I listen to a lot of classical music, Jazz, and our keyboarder is a bit like me but he is not too much Metal.

- I understand now! Unfortunately, we have to hurry so… Do you have any plans for some future dates?

Right now, nothing. But we try to find dates and we want to. You know, we like live and we played a lot of live in Greece already so we already have an experience. But, if we can play here or somewhere else out of Greece, it will be an opportunity to get new fans so, we want to do it.

- I'm sure that Olivier and Roger of Replica will do something for you What are your goals now? A new album probably…

Yeah, most of the tracks are almost done. And it's gonna be a little weird, because it will be new, with a new kind of music, and it will be cooler.

- Thank you very much, if you have something to say...

Thx a lot for your feedback. People, have a look on our album and I hope that you'll like our music.

Many thx to Olivier, Roger and Replica and to Wastefall and Domenik



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30.03.2007 - 06:36
Advice Troll
Yeah nice band but I'm not much into Progressive metal. There's a possibility of watching them live this summer...
Bitch! Please
30.03.2007 - 10:41
Nice interview...seems like some intelligent guys

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
03.04.2007 - 10:11
Account deleted
Very nice band! Aggressive, emotional, with many influences! Really interesting! And very good performers on stage! Especially, "Soulrain 21" and "Self Exile" are fantastic albums!
Thanks for the interview Jeff!

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