Megadeth interview (08/2008)

With: Dave Mustaine [Vocals, guitars]
Conducted by: Forged Soul (in person)
Published: 04.08.2008

Band profile:


Note: The event was running pretty late so my time with Dave was cut down to about five minutes. In addition, my recording device had issues and I lost the first question of the interview. I still included it, but it is paraphrased from my notes that I took.

Josh: - What still inspires you? Life as a musician is tough; what keeps you going?

Dave: Everything! Look around you, people don't see the inspiration that's in front of them. Chris [Broderick] has been a blessing.

- Yeah he's incredible, he was one of your teachers?

When he joined I asked him to stop teaching. With all the touring Megadeth does, it would have killed him. Now he's back home, everyone is home resting up.

- How has your outlook towards music, its creation, and life as a musician changed?

Sometimes people get 4 or 5 times to make it, and they keep blowing it and blowing it. I've had several chances in my career and I believe right now is probably the highest my profile has ever been as far as popularity and public appeal and stuff. I think a lot of that has to do with treating the people you're with like a decent human being. Chris [Broderick] had told me that people had toured with him, somebody in one of the bands had called down to the front desk and complained because he was practicing his guitar I was like you would call down to the front desk on your own guitar player? That's pretty lame. But I know who did it, so I understand why.

- Haha, I won't ask.

I can't tell you

- Through your long career, you've obviously learned many lessons along the way. Do you find yourself still learning?

Yes, it's like this whole thing. Who would have ever thought I'd be sitting here. I lived in LA for years and years and years. We would come by Guitar Center and we went from, you know, we loved Guitar Center to being one of the places you didn't want to go into because it had become so commercialized. Then you see that they've become an institution, where you see them in Wayne's World and stuff like that. And here I am, I've come complete full circle until where they're talking to be about coming in and doing a seminar for the fans and the Rockwalk. How could I be any happier right now? Well I had more time added to my life so I could do this longer I would love to. You're the first person I'm going to tell this too, I just talked to my manager two days ago, scheduling the next record. We're going to start preproduction in September and we're going to try to have the record done by January so we can be out on tour again by the end of March.

- They're telling me I need to wrap it up. One quick question, who would win in a fight: Vic Rattlehead vs. Eddie [Iron Maiden]?

Vic would. Death couldn't kill him!

Many thanks to Dave, Guitar Center, and all those who organized and helped make this interview possible.



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05.08.2008 - 00:52
Rosetta Stoned
Short but interesting, love the final question (and answer!). Nice reading!
05.08.2008 - 03:30
Doit Like Bernie
Too bad you only had a few minutes with him, must have been fun regardless
05.08.2008 - 03:56
LeChron James
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06.08.2008 - 05:07
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
I like this interview, just wish it was longer.
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06.08.2008 - 21:10
Erotic Stains
Sadly this interview gave me nothing and that's because it's short.
Oh, but Eddie would actually win... I mean, just look at "Live After Death". Would anyone (except Ashley Williams) dare to pick a fight with him? Vic will never look as Metal as that Eddie.
08.08.2008 - 07:21
Arian Totalis
The Philosopher
Man, I wish I could talk to Musicians who've inspired me....

Regardless, Eddie would Kill vic, especially seeing as how what Vic basically is is a generic form of Eddie> Regardless Vic is still a badass.
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For the hero there is No Death"
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09.08.2008 - 18:07
I R Serious Cat
I'll second what Dr. Rock said.
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09.08.2008 - 20:54
Marcel Hubregtse
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Short but sweet interview.
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10.08.2008 - 00:33
It's interesting how sometimes in the press Dave Mustaine can come across as very obnoxious, though here he sounds like a rather nice bloke.
Do the press demonise him, or is it just his new(ish) faith?

Shame the interview was so short.

Eddie would win any day, he's undead, whereas Vic's just had plastic surgery.
And remember kids, don't play with matches - flamethrowers are much more fun!
11.08.2008 - 18:56
Account deleted
Eddie pwns, but otherwise very nice statements and answers.
12.08.2008 - 23:17
Time restraints suck, but still - nicely done
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13.08.2008 - 07:17
Account deleted
Vic would grab Eddies hair & rip his head off-to the(Vic)tor belong the spoils!By the way,skeletons aren't supposed to have hair;& Eddies facial expressions are really f!$#ing gross!Megadeth's image is more marketable,n'est-ce pas?
07.09.2008 - 18:41
Jonnz of Steel
Eddie would probably win, but Vic's a much snappier dresser.
29.09.2008 - 12:13
Account deleted
hell yeah for the last question
16.12.2008 - 23:07
Stinky Lips
I think the fact that vic cant see, hear, or talk would somehow work against him in a fight...still though, if vic can survive having all that metal attached to his face than i like his chances.

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