Dementor interview (07/2004)

With: Rene Blahusiak (Guitars - Vocals)
Conducted by: Deadsoulman
Published: 16.07.2004

1) Hello! As most people here probably don't know you, can you talk a bit about the history of Dementor ?

- Hello. I hope there are quite a lot of people in France as we are on a French label for more than 3 years. Anyway, I briefly tell you about the history of DEMENTOR. The band was established in 1988. I joined in 1991 at the time of preparation for recording 1st official demo tape. It was written on the tape in 1992 and entitled THE EXTINCTION OF CHRISTIANITY. The follower was sealed on the tape as a demo again under the title MORBID INFECTION. It was sung by a new vocalist what gave DEMENTOR a new feature of brutality. On the basis of these demo tapes we got a deal with a young Slovak label I.S.P. The first baby of the co-operation was the MC album THE CHURCH DIES edited in 1994. The first CD KILL THE THOUGHT ON CHRIST came out on I.S.P. in 1997. It was the first record I used my voice on because the former singer left the band. In 1999 we recorded very fast and wild album THE ART OF BLASPHEMY for Spanish Ripp-off label Qabalah productions. Some lucky period comes only after we signed 2 albums deal with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS. The first of them comes out under the title ENSLAVE THE WEAK in 2001. Our 4th CD got name GOD DEFAMER and has been out after a huge delay since May 2004 and represents the best we have ever created.
The line up consists now of me, Rasto Schmogner (guitars), Rasto Petrovic (drums) and Marian Sopko (bass) who is the youngest one of the band. He joined us after the recording of GOD DEFAMER.

2) You've gone through a lot of line-up changes over the past few years... What happened with the ex-members ? Do you think they were not committed enough in Dementor ?

- They left DEMENTOR quite surprisingly telling me several kinds of explanations. Generally I understood they do not have any aside intention and just are loosing interest in playing or want to care more of their families. Later on they established a project band and recorded some promo records. They wanted to get some deal with labels but they did not attract any. Nowadays just Roman (ex - DEMENTOR guitarist) plays more actively. Beside his own project he also plays bass in Pathology Stench. The others do not have any serious bands to play. I think the main reason for leaving DEMENTOR was the pressure I put on them as I always wanted all members to be dedicated as much as possible. They maybe could not accept it and tried to do something by themselves.

3) I've read on your website that you used to have some songs in Slovakian. Do you think you'll do it again ?

- Our first demo THE EXTINCTION OF CHRISTIANITY is sung in Slovak. We did not use English because none of us spoke this language. We preferred singing in a language we possess best of all. That is the reason why the first demo is still sung in Slovak. Actually the second one MORBID INFECTION was sung in Slovak too but later on we decided to re-record the vocals. There were many advises from labels we asked for deal to skip to English. We translated all the lyrics in English and re-entered the studio. When it was recorded we were spreading just the English version once and for all. In generally English is the most suitable language for any kind of music. No matter if it is metal or pop. There are 2 main reasons. You can better operate / put English lyrics into the music and it is also international language. Slovak lyrics might sound too soft for foreigners. Maybe some would find it exotic or interesting but we rather prefer English. No more Slovak in our music.

4) Your lyrics are blatantly anti-christian. Is that some kind of provocative gimmick (like some black metal bands do for instance) or do you really feel like this towards religions?

- We are deeply convinced christianity is a kind of criminal organisation which abuses people in order to control everything. I can not understand why people follow them so blindly. I do not think this is just the problem of Slovakia but of the whole world. There are so many fanatics that it becomes dangerous. We feel in general no religion is necessary for people to recognise what is good and what is bad. Religions are just a collection of general moral rules where are wisely implemented all the fairytales about revelations, resurrections, mighty warriors etc. It is there just to make people scared of some high power above. There are so many proofs that this shit is here just to help some people to reach possession, power, property and highest level of control. We are against all those militant religions as christianity and islam are. We handle this Antichristian topic since the beginning of DEMENTOR! Some of our albums included also lyrics which were not so closely connected with christianity but GOD DEFAMER is full of this topic. Of course, we want to provoke Christians but most of all we are convinced about this! It comes right from our hearts.

5) About God Defamer now: this is undoubtedly your most professional release to date, the production is excellent. Why have you suddenly decided to record outside Slovakia and to hire such a renowned producer as Andy Classen ?

- We had to move from Pro Art to be sure the sound will be as it should be! OSMOSE neither we liked the sound on ENSLAVE THE WEAK therefore the label allowed us to choose another studio. They proposed us to go to Stage One and we agreed because we really like Andy´s work. It was something like our last chance to prove we are able to record a good album. We could not risk losing this chance if using another studio. The recording process was really smooth. Andy is a real professional and we also tried to have a professional approach to help Andy as much as we could. We recorded GOD DEFAMER in two weeks. Initially Andy wished the band to stay for 3 weeks however in the end he liked the result a lot.

6) Did the Stage One studio bring you all that you expected compared to the Pro Art ?

- Yes, it did. For us the most important thing was to reach a good sound result. As I mentioned before we could not afford to bring to OSMOSE any crap. We were sure Andy would be the best producer for DEMENTOR and this was proven. Pro Art is a really good equipped studio but the sound engineer does not know a shit about metal music. It is hard to co-operate with such a man. The good result is possible but is highly uncertain. On the other hand Stage One is a typical metal studio as well as Andy who lives with metal every day. He loves this music and that is the most important.

7) In my opinion, with God Defamer Dementor has nothing to envy to more famous death metal bands... What do you think you'd need to really be able to compete with, say, Vader (as they also come from Eastern Europe)?

- I feel we finally have an album we can proudly present and be in comparisons with the best death metal bands. Anyway, having a good sounding album is not currently enough. The band must be on eyes of people all the time. We have to play live as much as possible. I hope the label will enable us to go for another great tour such as was the one with Suffocation. I also hope we will get some more invitations for festivals.

8) How has the European tour with Suffocation gone ?

- It was really great. SUFFO are great people as musicians they are! Also the other supporting bands Insision (SWE) and Disgorge (USA) were cool. We played for pretty huge crowds we would not be able to if had we headlined. We had really great responses in Spain, Czech, France and also in Portugal. Fortunately no problems occurred during the tour. It was a great school for us despite we have already played a lot and are an old band.

9) I think the only other metal band I know from Slovakia is Wayd... Can you tell us about the metal scene in your country?

- Yes, Wayd is a good band and I respect their musicianship. However they do not have so much support from their Slovak label. The whole scene here is rather dead. There are no magazines and no serious labels to support Slovak bands. Also playing concerts gets harder and harder as the interest of fans has been decreasing. From Slovakia I like Depresy, Pathology Stench, Erytrosy, Protest.

10) What are your plans for the future?

- We should sign the new deal with OSMOSE soon. Then we will focus on composing the new album. We will try to prepare really good stuff. I hope we will outdo GOD DEFAMER. We would also like to play some more concerts. We will stay in touch with fans and all the people who are interested in DEMENTOR.

11) I think that's it... Thanks for your time. One last word for the fans (or anything else that comes to your mind) ?

- Thank you for your support and interest in DEMENTOR. Herewith I would like to thank also to all the French metal fans who made the great atmosphere in our concerts on the tour with Suffocation. You guys rule!!! KEEP THE BLASPHEMY!


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