Lock Up interview (12/2011)

With: Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg, Anton Reisenegger
Conducted by: Baz Anderson (in person)
Published: 22.12.2011

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Lock Up

About to kick off a mini UK tour of three dates, the grindcore "supergroup" Lock Up found themselves in the dressing room at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. Talking to Tomas and Anton, we find out about the origins of Lock Up, how the band have become more active, summer festivals, a future album, Christmas, and some hope for At The Gates fans in South America and Australia. Watch the video below to see the chat.

00:07 | How are you two doing?
00:11 | About to kick of tour of three dates, why only three dates?
00:45 | Could you explain how Lock Up became...
01:46 | You mentioned Lock Up was a side project... you released a new album this year, so is this a sign Lock Up will become a more active band?
03:15 | You, Tomas, joined the band for the second album, how did you all meet up?
04:05 | Did you get to tour much after Hate Breeds Suffering?
04:26 | The band members come from three different countries, how do you all get together to write the music?
06:30 | You played at the Damnation Festival two years ago, it was billed as the last ever Lock Up show, so how come you're sitting here now?
07:38 | Would you ever want grindcore to get more recognition than just in the underground?
08:20 | I ask because last year you played at Wacken in front of tens of thousands of people, how does a show like that compare to an intimate grindcore show like this?
09:18 | Lock Up played at the Wacken Open Air in 2000, how would you judge the success of these summer festivals that have grown so much?
10:40 | How does playing in Lock Up compare to your own bands?
11:48 | Quick question about At The Gates, you were in a similar situation where the 2008 tour was supposed to be the last ever, but now you've done a whole tour this year - why has there been more activity and will there be more in the future?
13:00 | Anton: But are you going to do another album or not?!
13:08 | So what's next for Lock Up, you're touring Scandinavia, you're touring North America, how long will Lock Up be on hold before a next album or next tour?
14:01 | It's almost Christmas, are you excited?
14:13 | What is the best thing about Christmas for you two?
14:54 | Last words...

A review of the show can be found here.

Thanks to Tomas and Anton for their time.
Conducted and edited by Barry Anderson.
Recorded by Richard Anderson.


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04.01.2012 - 08:11
Metal Addict
Thanks for the interview, Barry. It was pretty interesting, and I'm glad to know the guys enjoy themselves playing music in Lock Up.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
16.01.2012 - 00:41

Nice interview! thanks Barry.
16.01.2012 - 01:11
Baz Anderson

Thanks guys!

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