Fenriz interview (09/2004)

With: Fenriz
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 14.09.2004

[font color=red size=2]"If people START playing primitive, they almost always MUST explore"[/font]

[font color=red]-Fenriz[/font]

-Ok, as I think almost every metalhead knows who you are, I don't see the need for you to introduce yourself. So lets get straight into your new compilation, "Fenriz Presents... - The Best Of Old School Black Metal", since when did you start thinking of this compilation?

Who died and made ME a celebrity? QUORTHON? HAHAHAHA, I hope Quorthon is watching all the foolish reactions to his death - although I don't care much for the afterlife. Ok, back to business: I have wanted to make a compilation since 94-95, but when one makes a compilation it's best that the sound one is capturing is at least 15-20 years old. It is a historical document over the roots sound of black metal AND it's what we listened to in Norway while the churches were burning and before.

-Why did you choose these tracks? Was it because they were your personal favourites or because of the importance that these tracks have had for black metal?

I kinda answered this already…I choose them quickly, first part of the list must've been ready in a MINUTE, some I had to think a little about. I also use EXPERIENCE, HUMBLENESS and a total lack of respect for many of the modern black metal bands. Shove that latex up your ass! oh no, that's what they WANT, hahahahhaha)

-Well, your compilation features a very special appearance by Burzum, who usually doesn't appear on any compilation, how come he made this exceptional for you?

Maybe because we go WAY BACK?

-You have decided to start working with Peaceville again, why did you choose Peaceville?

Because they are EXCELLENT PEOPLE. And mileage is something that impresses me.

- Most metalheads (and especially black metal fans) consider Norway as one of the best countries in the world for black metal. Do you think Norway still have the same good black metal scene as it once had when the second wave of black metal started?

Yes, I think it has been fantastic all the time! Just ask all the people that come here. Because of (among other things) idiotic music scene-attitude, Norway had very little self belief until the end of the 80s. but then, we in the extreme metal scene had had enough. We just burst out our extreme metal, and the metal world was never the same again. Later, other musical styles also got a lot of belief in themselves. Only Norwegian musical wave that was important and world renowned before that was THE ARCTIC SOUND - jazz, and that started in 1970!

-What do you think about the black metal scene of other countries?

Naming countries like : Sweden, USA, The Netherlands, Finland, France etc. the SCENE? Almost have to live there to get a feel of the SCENE. I think metal is international anyways, that was the whole point of the underground in the 80s (where I come from)

- What's your opinion about other genres in metal (not black metal)? Have you ever thought of mixing other genres with black metal and make something new?

Ehh, in the 80s all blended together.. then it got crystallized, but in mid 90s it started blending again. DISSECTION is the first and the biggest in my eyes, I called it ALL-METAL, because of their fine mixture of Death, Thrash and Black. uH! I like mainly thrash, death, black, doom, epic and grindcore. I haven't heard one new "style that is any interesting in my ears. I think CRUST punk (DISRUPT, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, SKITSYSTEM) is rawer and better and angrier than most metal anyways. 80% of people are just garbage, and that goes for the metal scene as well.

-What is your opinion about some blatant racist black metal bands? Do you think racism belongs to black metal? Do you see NSBM bands as a problem for today's black metal scene?

I'm not touching this with a 666 foot pole

-Which bands are your favourite non-black metal bands?

I have THOUSANDS. If you think I'm joking, you should see my record collection. I can tell you what I listened to today: SADISM(chile), DEATH YELL (chile) (both demos '89) and M83. and VAZELINA BILOPPHØGGERS. I really liked ANGEL CORPSE, too bad they split up.i really like the first DICTATORS album.

- Well, I thought I could take advantage of this interview and also ask you about Darkthrone, any news? Anything new going on that you would like us to know?

Well, we have our label up and running: TYRANT SYNDICATE Productions, and the first release will be AURA NOIR "The Merciless" - it's the best thrash album I've heard since SADUS "illusions" (87-88). And our new album SARDONIC WRATH is doing great, a very raw and harsh album. Soon we start to work on our 13th album..

-And I always like to ask non-musical questions too. If you could change one thing with the world today, what would that be?

I want the climate to be two degrees colder here, for securing the snow for cross country skiing in the winter.

In our website (metalstorm.ee), we now give the opportunity to some fans to ask their favourite bands questions; I have selected two questions for you:

*Xtopher : Ask Fenriz this: "many black metal bands had done some raw and evil albums in their early years, but as years pass, they tend to incorporate modern sounds that may be taken as "Unconcivable" in the black metal scene, such as synths and electronica style, changing the lyric themes, making songs no longer evil and dark, and even change their music style until they're no longer black metal or metal at all. Why, in your opinion, is this happening, is it because of the money? Because of the fans? "Evolution"?

I don't know why people wimp out - why don't you ask someone that did? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If people START playing primitive, they almost always MUST explore. We explored FIRST, THEN decided to play primitive. See the difference? I like bands who stick to their style after a while, morbid angel, bolt thrower, Ramones, Motorhead..

And the second question :

*Rastapopulus : I'm interested what Fenriz thinks about this whole unblack-thing. Is this a contradiction, God and metal?

What the fuck is UNBLACK? Must be some posers with too much time on their hands. Would YOU mix Christianity with metal? Or sing about the ice cream truck? Probably not, because it's NOT RIGHT. What if Elvis only sang about fishnets? It would be funny - but NOT RIGHT. You don't have to be an angel to know right from wrong, hehe

-Well, I guess this is the end; I want to thank you for this interview. Any last words for your fans?




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