Shape Of Despair interview (12/2004)

Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 10.12.2004

Band profile:

Shape Of Despair

-I guess there are still some unfortunate people that haven't discovered you yet. So I thought maybe you could introduce yourself to them.

Yes i don't doubt that.. in brief we started in '95 and to date we've done 2 demos and 3 full-lengths for Spikefarm records here in Finland. Latest album Illusion's play was released just few months ago and includes 6 songs which lasts together about for an hour. If we characterise our style, then it must be in the grounds of funeral doom or alikes.

-I personally think that your new album "Illussions play" is brilliant, but I also think that many of our readers haven't heard this album yet. So I thought maybe you could briefly describe it for them?

This album is musically like an concept album of a songs which flows from one to another. Full of heavy guitar-walls and synth layers to create beautifull and epic soundworld for the suicidal theme of the album.. once again. This album is by far the most mature we've done, calmer also in a way.

-When you first started, your name was "Raven". How come you decided to change it to Shape of Despair?
It just didn't fit anylonger and it really wasn't that charming.. and there is a band called by that.

-You have also added a new bassist (Sami Uusitalo) to your current line-up. Tell us more about him.

Well he insisted this before i got a chance to think about it really. I've known him years and besides he is a good friend, he knows how to play bass also. We are going to play live shows in future so this thing would've been problem at least then, but it was better to hire Sami for a full time player, to make things just a bit more easier.

-How do you compose your music?

I compose everything for Shape. I take my time and make pre-versions of songs which i give to other members to practice them out. We try to rehearse those songs before entering the studio as well.. our vocalists though practice their jobs at their home.

-Many of your members also have many other side-projects including Rapture and The mist and the Morning Dew. Is that going to, in anyway (positive or negative), affect the outcome of Shape of Despair?

No, it haven't and i'm pretty sure it won't either. We plan everything, if there's anything to plan, in time before scheduling studios etc.. Finntroll is the only band which tours alot and there have been some on top bookings but it's just an arranging question. With The mist.. we release through Vendlus records mcd and full-length next year. I heard Vendlus is already pressing these mcd's so let's wait and see what they say.

-When it comes to funeral doom, I think Finland have some of the best bands. If we look at some older and more important bands in this genre, which band do you think is more important, Thergothon or Skepticism? Why?

"Unholy, i think they influenced us more than any other. They have made albums which are simply fucking great. Although i think every 3 bands we mentioned are in a way influenced many people. They have made one or more great albums to show some way ahead. But it's good that everyone makes their own thing with this kind of music and are not kind of copy-cats."

-What bands have inspired you the most? And what are the most overrated and underrated bands?

Maybe the ones from the earlier stage of my period are the ones which have inspired me like burzum, autopsy, unholy etc.. too much to mention from style to style.. I know more underrated bands for sure, for at least the whole doom scene is that.. but it's more balanced than any other genre.. f.ex. the rise and falls of black- and death- metal.

-Your fans criticises the fact that you don't tour very often. What is your response to that? Will there be more touring in the future?

Actually we haven't made any live shows. There's been some plans doing some in future.. we'll see.

-What is the best doom-metal style and why?

I quess funeral doom is the most atmospheric one of all. I don't listen that much doom after all.

-What are your spare time activities?

Listening music and making it. Just taking easy and relaxing.

-Is there anything that you want to add or tell your fans?

Listen sample of our new album from our site and support. Thank you for this!


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