Sonata Arctica interview (12/2004)

With: Henrik Klingenberg [keyboards]
Conducted by: Angelique
Published: 15.12.2004

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Sonata Arctica

This interview ended up a bit odd, I wrote the questions for Tony, the singer and main composer of Sonata Arctica but I received the reply from Henrik, not any worse option at all, read yourself

- Reckoning night was released a few months ago and now you guys been touring a lot, apart from that whats happening in Sonata camp, how are you guys doing?

Well, we've still got A LOT of touring to do, so there's not time for much else, but as a whole the band's doing better than ever !

- Now when you've played a lot these new songs in live has the songs got any new meanings for you, has there been any surprises about how the new songs works in live?

Of course the songs come alive in a totally different way when you play them live but I don't think there have been any real surprises. Except for when Tony accidentally knocked me in the head with his microphone-stand during a show in Hämeenlinna…

- We've just recently received a great news about Sonata Arctica's first North America tour, you'll be teaming up with Nightwish, I know this is great news for thousands of American Sonata Arctica fans and many people are more excited to see you guys in there than Nightwish. How do you feel bout touring in The States, is this a dream come true, something that you've aim to get to do for a long time?

Well, first : at the moment ( december'04 ) we have not confirmed this tour, there has only been talk about it. I know that there are tickets on sale , with our name on it but we have not confirmed it yet !! Before we've decided with our management there is absolutely no guarantees at all that we'll tour the states with NW right now.

- Reckoning Night consist one song composed by Jani, This is the first time that other band member than you take a part of composing. How did you came up to this idea and how do you feel about the idea that the other guys wants to compose or write lyrics for Sonata Arctica?

This is something for Tony I guess, but as far as I know he's more than ok with it, probably even a little relieved because someone helps sharing the workload.

- Do you have any favourite song in Reckoning night? If you think all of Sonata Arctica's material what would be the one song that you'd raise above others and is there any songs that you'd want totally forget?

Personally I think that Wildfire or Don't say a word are my favourites from RN…my all time sonata favourite is probably a song called Dream Thieves, which is not on any of the studio albums.

- Reckoning Night was the first album that Henrik Klingenberg was in, what new he brought to songs and the recording session?

This is a bit hard for me to know, but probably organ, booze and some pizza. Actually I think they had the booze and the pizza already when they made Winterheart.

- Henrik is a great live musician, and has lot to do in Sonata Arctica's stage act, I'm sure that every fan who has seen you guys live noticed this. Your live performance has changed quite a lot since year 2000 when i saw Sonata Arctica first time in live, is this change to more powerful live act and more towards to the crowd intentional or it has come with the experience?

Thanks! I think that this is a natural evolvement , which has come with the experience of touring a lot. Hopefully we'll still continue to improve both live and in the studio.

- For a band that is well acclaimed , known, popular and very well established on the metal scene, what are Sonata's next challenges ??

As soon as we get done with the tour, we'll have a break and then the next challenge will be to make another album, and again trying to exceed ourselves both in the studio and on the following tour and see where that leads us.

- The new album took a step away from typical Power metal material, it's more heavy and someone has even said that Reckoning Night has a lot Nightwish influences. As a song writer do you feel that power metal genre sets too strict limits for the composition and is it possible that some day we will hear completely different Sonata Arctica, like maybe more aggressive metal?

Again something for Tony….As a whole I don't think that we as a band consider ourselves as power metal….maybe more like pop-metal or just as a plain rock band.

- So far Sonata Arctica has only two music videos, Wolf and Raven and new Don't Say a Word, I remember you said after Wolf and Raven video was released that Sonata Arctica won't release another video ever again, what changed your mind?

Again I have no idea about this….but it is a necessity for a band to make promovideos so I'll guess we'll still make a video or two.

- Also I've heard a rumous about Sonata Arctica's DVD, tell us about the project, is this going to be a live DVD or can we expect some more music videos?

There is going to be a DVD. Hopefully already before the end of next year. A lot of issues are still open but at least there will be footage from the tours, and backstage and also probably a live concert…..

- For the last question I'd like you to take a part of association game what is going on At Metal Storm forum, I picked few random words from there, your supposed to say first thing that comes up your mind when you see the word..


Blood, hurting, a necessity in life.


the led zeppelin song communication breakdown


what the hell is this ?

Folk metal:

not exactly my cup of tea….


Soccer, the world championships , brazil


some Norwegian guy, with a fishermans shirt and blond hair…..that was weird…


I prefer whisky, but I think I'm gonna go and get one from the fridge right now….

- Thank you so much for answering my questions, I want to wish the whole band all the best and see ya all at the concerts and festivals! Any last word for Metal Storm readers?

(sipping beer) Just remember to take it easy every once in a while, and that life is too short to be pissed-off all the time…cheers and thanks !

Special thanks to Jeff, Silence (great pics) and also Roger Wessier from Replica Records for making this interview possible!
Photos ©Silence



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