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Favorite bands: Vader, Vomitory, Kronos, Katatonia, Hate, Porcupine Tree, Dark Funeral, Belphegor, The Faceless, Burnt By The Sun, Crionics, Decapitated
Favorite album: Hard to say really...
Favorite movies: Good ol' old school slasher flicks, movies that make you think, and movies that have interesting concepts
Favorite books: Fantasy novels like Dragonlance, R.A. Salvatore books, Robert Jordan books, John Grisham, Ann Rice, Stephen King, and so on
Personal text: Guide me into the void where silence reigns, kingdom of the damned built on centuries of nightmares and countless pains, the dead dream in eternal majesty forgetting the past and remembering tomorrow, awaiting the fallen star's light to solicite solace, judgment has come

Come take me salvation on black wings, reaper of my mortality, harvester of dreams, alone I stand an empty gaze I spectate, the frail truth shatters revealing reality's mirror
Calling the name never heard
A supreme wrath I envoke
The world buried in crimson and ash
In the stars this prophecy is told
The Human Obsolete, The neverending search for...


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