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Favorite bands: Blut Aus Nord, Walknut, Agalloch, Summoning, Drudkh, Kalmah, Ygg, Necrophagist, Animals As Leaders, Lantlôs, Nasheim, Lustre, Rattenfänger, Caladan Brood, Xasthur, Shining, Hate Forest, Forest, Thy Light, Taake, Imperium Dekadenz, Windir, Angantyr, Skyfire, Forefather, Austere, Woods Of Desolation, Mgła
Favorite album: Autumn Aurora, Stronghold, The Mantle, MV1, Sóknardalr, Steadfast
Favorite song: Windir - I Ei Krystallnatt
Favorite movies: Lotr, Predator, Fury Road and a few more which i dont remember
Favorite books: Lotr
Personal text: im into atmospheric black and a bit of melodeath now and then.

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