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Favorite bands: Galneryus
Favorite album: Vetelgyus
Favorite song: Enemy to Injustice
Favorite movies: Hayao Miyazaki - Saw (I - II - III) - Dead Silence - Insidious - The Conjuring - The Human Centipede - Sinister - Wolf Creek
Favorite books: French Literature - Death Note
Personal text: Isolating myself from life with headphones should be the best way to describe the person I am.

I'm open to a lot of different genres (except black metal and everything whose themes are about suicide, death, religion or with slow, monotonous rhythm and instrumentation).

Galneryus is my favourite band so far.

The members are all very talented (interesting and creative guitar or piano solos) and the melodious aspect, the neo-classical elements, the excellent voice of Sho plus the lyrics are part of what i'm thinking everyday, it's sometimes very emotional while it can be fast and gives you the power to face difficulties of life.

Rib, a japanese singer not affiliated to any band, very secretive person (he's an "utaite") has for sure the most emotional voice i've never heard.

Both of them accompany me in my everyday life through my headphones.

Oh and i'm a huge fan of Table Tennis, Badminton and Tennis as I am trying to be a sole and complete racquet sports journalist for the future.


  2007 Galneryus - Voices From The Past [Compilation]
  2010 Galneryus - Voices From The Past III [Compilation]
  2008 Galneryus - Voices From The Past II [Compilation]
  2011 Galneryus - Phoenix Rising
  2013 Galneryus - The IronHearted Flag Vol. 2: Reformation Side
  2012 Galneryus - Angel Of Salvation
  2010 Galneryus - Resurrection
  2012 Galneryus - [EP]
  2014 Galneryus - Reliving The Ironhearted Flag [DVD]
  2013 Galneryus - The IronHearted Flag Vol. 1: Regeneration Side

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