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Favorite bands: Metallica, Opeth, My Dying Bride, Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, Dream Theater, Pensées Nocturnes, Nortt, Necrophagist, Dimmu Borgir, Katatonia, Bloodbath, Mors Principium Est, Nile, Inquisitor, Mandragora, Obscura, Swallow The Sun, Unexpect, Vildhjarta, Beyond Creation, The Faceless, Forest Of Shadows, Gorod, Shining (NOR), Alkaloid, Meshuggah
Favorite album: "...And justice for all", "Deliverance", "Something wild", "Vacuu

Attended events

17.07.2014 LTU, Anykščiai - Devilstone Open Air 2014
24.01.2014 LTU, Vilnius - Alcest: Shelter Tour 2014
03.05.2013 LTU, Vilnius - Agalloch: Lucifer Over Europe Tour 2013
21.04.2010 LTU, Vilnius - Metallica: World Magnetic Tour
15.04.2009 LTU, Vilnius - Apocalyptica: European Tour