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Favorite bands: Katatonia, Agalloch, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Swallow The Sun, Atoma, Be'lakor, Saturnus, Doom:VS, Tiamat, Acid Bath, My Dying Bride, Alcest, Lux Occulta, The Angelic Process, Thurisaz, Novembre, Machine Head, In Flames, Buckethead, Gojira, Meshuggah, Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Septicflesh, A Pale Horse Named Death, Trivium, Antimatter, Blindead
Favorite song: Katatonia - Strained
Favorite movies: Ice Age, My friend Totoro, BTTF
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Personal text: Gamer, book addicted student of civil engineering.

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29.07.2015 | 80% POL, Warsaw - Agalloch: Serpens In Cvlmination European Tour 2015


  1995 Hunter - Requiem
  1999 Christ Agony - Elysium
  1998 Katatonia - Discouraged Ones
  2013 Hypocrisy - End Of Disclosure
  2006 Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance
  1992 Paradise Lost - Shades Of God