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Personal text: Shining, Dolorian, Carpathian Forest, Acid Bath, Goatwhore, Immortal, Darkthrone, Bloodline, Gospel Of The Horns, Toxic Holocaust, Bestial Mockery, Deströyer 666, Azaghal, Black Swan, Beherit, Burzum, Sodom, Black Forest, Emit, Nocturnal, Eyehategod, Fungoid Stream, Somnium Mortuum, Shape Of Despair, Woods Of Belial, Winter, Evoken, Stormtroopers Of Death, Carnivore, Terrorgoat, Aborym, Bethlehem, Black Funeral, Xasthur, Drudkh, Forgotten Woods, Odium Immortalis, Ondskapt, Root, Stalaggh, Velvet Cacoon, Weakling, Wyrd, Gigantic Brain, Obituary, Nothing Remains, Primus...

Thats some bands that I enjoy from time to time.