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Favorite bands: Reverend Bizarre, Nomad Son, Forsaken, Dawn Of Anguish, Electric Wizard, Dolorian, Arkham Witch, Swallow The Sun, Warmen, Children Of Bodom, Witchfinder General, Spiritus Mortis, The Lamp Of Thoth, Barathrum, Thy Serpent, Sleep, Cathedral, Fu Manchu, Torture Killer, Asphyx, Pentagram, Sonata Arctica, Sentenced, Stratovarius, Shining, Kyuss, My Dying Bride, Bathory, Catharsis, Candlemass, Lord Vicar, Stone, Artension, Saint Vitus, Eucharist, Goat Of Mendes
Favorite album: Children of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
Favorite song: Children of Bodom - Downfall / Reverend Bizarre - Council Of Ten
Favorite movies: Amadeus , American Psycho

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