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Favorite bands: Nile, Vomit The Soul, Sinister, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Suffocation, Ulcerate, Incantation, Disgorge, Wormed, Malignancy, Defeated Sanity, Vital Remains, Immolation, Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Abominable Putridity, Malodorous, Pathology, Abysmal Torment, Abysmal Dawn, Flesh Consumed, Goretrade, Condemned, Amputated Genitals, Despondancy, Guttural Secrete, Devourment
Favorite album: Nile - Anniahlation Of The Wicked
Favorite song: Chapter OF Obeisance Before Giving Breath to the Inert One In The Presence Of The Crescent Shaped Ho
Favorite movies: Movies are an Illuminati Brainwashing Device
Personal text: Aborted, Exhumed, Amenta, Ingested, Lividity, Lust of Decay, Kataplexia,, Fleshgore, Reinfection, Artery Eruption, Banishment, Pyaemia, Amagortis, Devoured Decapitation, Ancient Necropsy, Cinerary, Cephalotripsy, Brodequin, Degrade, Enmity, Embryonic Devourment, Enthrallment, Exulcerate, Disfiguring the Goddess, Mental Horror, Meathook, Septycal Gorge, Necrotic Disgorgement, Sarcolytic, , Mutilated, Mindly Rotten, Infested Blood, Jasad, Panzerchrist, Fermento, Epitome, Element, Disinfect, Pigsty, Cattle Decapitation, Malignancy, Mortician

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  2011 Obscura - Omnivium
  2011 Belphegor - Blood Magick Necromance
  2003 Morbid Angel - Heretic
  2000 Morbid Angel - Gateways To Annihilation
  1998 Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal To The Flesh
  1994 Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory
  2005 Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
  2010 Atheist - Jupiter
  2008 Krisiun - Southern Storm
  2006 Gorguts - Live In Rotterdam [Live]

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