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Title: Zenzero
Favorite bands: Secret Sphere, Sentenced, Edguy, Helloween, Nightwish, Grave Digger, Masterplan, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody Of Fire, Avantasia, White Skull, Skylark, Lacuna Coil, Heavenly, Dream Evil, Freedom Call, The Lovecrave, Dark Moor, Derdian, Vision Divine, Beholder (ITA), Gamma Ray, Edenbridge, Charon, Daniele Groff, Oasis, Vixen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Skid Row, Stratovarius, Bon Jovi, Rodeo Clown, She & Him, Evanescence, Ancient Bards, Mägo De Oz, Michael Kiske, Weezer
Favorite album: Secret Sphere - A Time Never Come or Sentenced - The Cold White Light
Favorite song: She & Him - Sentimental Heart
Favorite movies: Letal Weapon 1,2,3,4, The Boat that Rocked, Bud Spencer & Terence Hill films, Gilmore Girls, The Devil's Rejects, Usual Suspects, Them, Inception, etc...
Favorite books: It, The Running Man, The Talisman by S.King and Heart-Shaped Box, Horns by Joe Hill
Personal text: I love English language, and spanish too, so I'd like to know lots of people and improve my languages ability!
I also like soccer (I'm an Inter fan), but generally almost all the sports, manga and anime, watch films, travel, and obviously listen music.
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  2017 Liam Gallagher - As You Were
  2016 Hansen & Friends - XXX - Three Decades In Metal
  2010 Kiske/Somerville - Kiske/Somerville
  1993 Timoria - Viaggio Senza Vento
  1994 Green Day - Dookie
  2016 Avantasia - Ghostlights
  2011 Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding
  1996 Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
  2015 Kiske/Somerville - City Of Heroes
  2015 Helloween - My God-Given Right
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