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Title: Forever Dead
Favorite bands: Sentenced, Shape Of Despair, Tarot, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Metallica, Judas Priest, Stone, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Moonsorrow, Ensiferum, Ccr, Jimi Hendrix, Peer Günt, Wintersun, Kreator, Domination Black, PS BS
Favorite album: Led Zeppelin II,Deep Purple:Machine Head,Motörhead:No sleep 'til Hammersmith
Favorite song: At this moment,I can't say
Favorite movies: Charlie Chaplin movies,Marx Brothers movies,Woody Allen movies,usually I like dialog driven movies
Favorite books: Sci-fi , military history books and Kurt Vonnegut,Wilbur Smith,Tom Clancy books
Personal text: I'm 40 years old
I'm 196 cm , 102 kg
Military Rank: Sergeant

My hoppies are Chess,music (playing and listening),computer games,overall relaxing,hanging with my friends,studying military history and astronomy

I watch tv quite regularly,my favourites are,Discovery channel,National geography,animal planet,science channel,BBC prime,BBC world,CNN and history channel

Attended events

28.06.2013 FIN, Helsinki - Tuska Open Air 2013
29.03.2013 FIN, Helsinki - Helloween: Hellish Rock Part II
06.11.2012 FIN, Tampere - Accept: European Tour 2012
17.10.2012 FIN, Helsinki - W.A.S.P.: 30 Years Of Thunder
13.10.2012 FIN, Helsinki - Wintersun @ Nosturi, Helsinki
13.08.2010 FIN, Oulu - Jalometalli Metal Music Festival
18.06.2010 FRA, Clisson - Hellfest Open Air 2010
23.01.2010 FIN, Kotka - Insomnium + Ghost Brigade
10.10.2009 FIN, Helsinki - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
02.10.2009 FIN, Helsinki - Amon Amarth: European Tour
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