*Treasure Tracks Volume #1*

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Rather than just make another "Best *insert genre here* album* I thought I'd make a list of the five songs currently moving me. These tracks will be songs I haven't listened to in a while or new ones I've recently discovered to go along with the treasure theme. **Last Update 07/04/2011**

Created by: Pyramid God | 05.07.2011

1. Cult Of Luna - Salvation
2004 - "Adrift" - I love sludge and boy does this track drown in it. At about 4 minutes in it becomes very atmospheric and the dueling drummers sound terrific. Top notch track off an underappreciated album. As usual, Cult Of Luna make you actually feel something when you listen.
2. Akercocke - Antichrist
2007 - "Axiom" - I'm more familiar with their earlier work and I'm aware that most fans were let down by this release, but this track is marvelous to me. The clean and death vocals bring a nice contrast as well as the dramatic tempo shifts. They really have a one of a kind sound and this song is no exception.
3. Pantheist - Pantheist
2011 - "Broken Statue" - This track sounds like a vaguely folky and metal infused Pink Floyd track. The change of tempo that occurs later on in the song sounds pretty amazing and the vocals give a haunting quality throughout.
4. Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came
2003 - "Swallow (Horror Pt. 1) - This song is doomy and beautiful while still bringing a measure of brutality in the middle section. The driving riffs are accompanied by what sounds like dueling vocals. Swallow The Sun have created a masterpiece in this track.
5. Queensrÿche - Empire
1990 - "Jet City Woman" - This is one of the only songs or artists on almost any of my lists to receive any radio play. In the case of this track the popularity is warranted as Geoff Tate once again belts out another gem. The chorus is sing-a-long awesome.

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