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Kamelot albums put in order of preference. Fourth Legacy will always be their best album to me and the first 2 are definitely the weakest...

Created by: Mountain King | 27.08.2012

1. Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy
Favorite songs: "The Fourth Legacy", "Nights Of Arabia", "A Sailorman's Hymn", "Alexandria", "Until Kingdom Come", "Lunar Sanctum"
2. Kamelot - Karma
Favorite songs: "Forever", "Karma", "Elizabeth parts 1 & 3", "Across The Highlands"
3. Kamelot - The Black Halo
Favorite songs: "Soul Society", "Moonlight", "Memento Mori", "The Haunting", "Abandoned"
4. Kamelot - Silverthorn
Favorite songs: "Torn" " Solitaire" "Falling Like A Fahrenheit" "My Confession" "Prodigal Son"
5. Kamelot - Haven
Favorite songs: "Fallen Star", "Beautiful Apocalypse" & "Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)
6. Kamelot - Ghost Opera
Favorite songs: "Ghost Opera", "Silence Of The Darkness", "Mourning Star", "Anthem", "Eden Echo"
7. Kamelot - Epica
Favorite Songs: "Wander", "Coldest Winter Night", "The Edge Of Paradise"
8. Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned
Favorite songs: "House On A Hill", "Hunter's Season", "The Zodiac", "Once Upon A Time"
9. Kamelot - Siége Perilous
Favorite songs: "Expedition", "Millennium"
10. Kamelot - Dominion
"Heaven", "Sin", "Song Of Roland"
11. Kamelot - Eternity
"Eternity", "Black Tower", "Fire Within"

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