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They easily became one of my favorite bands.

Created by: Iron Nostarion | 29.07.2013

1. Dream Theater - Images And Words
There are just not enough images nor words to describe this masterpiece. Simply amazing work, from start to finish, with all the good elements you can think of. Favorites: All tracks.
2. Dream Theater - Awake
Vastly underrated masterpiece. Favorites: "A Mind Beside Itself", "Caught in a Web", "6:00", "The Mirror", "Lifting Shadows Off a Dream".
3. Dream Theater - Train Of Thought
Amazing. I wish they'd make more like this. Favorites: All tracks.
4. Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
Captivating album. Favorites: "Strange Deja Vu", "Overture 1928", "Beyond This Life", "The Spirit Carries On", "The Dance of Eternity".
5. Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
This record came a little too late, but it still shines on. Contains some of DT's best work. Favorites: "A Nightmare to Remember", "Wither", "A Rite of Passage", "The Count of Tuscany".
6. Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
A little too long; a bit confusing at times, but absolutely killer. Favorites: "The Glass Prison", "War Inside My Head/The Test That Stumped Them All", "Misunderstood", "Blind Faith", "Overture".
7. Dream Theater - Dream Theater
This is the best DT could pull off since Black Clouds, and if "A Nightmare to Remember" wasn't on that, then perhaps... Train of Thought. Consistent and energetic throughout, changing immensely in tempos and craftfully transferring from calmness to insanity, DT's self-titled is definitely the best album Dream Theater can pull off without Portnoy nor Moore. Definitely amazing if you are a fan, and well enjoyable if you are a newcomer / lost-hope fan. Nothing overly groundbreaking in 'Theater standards, but obviously better than ADTOE, and more well-executed. Favorites: "False Awakening Suite", "The Enemy Inside", "The Looking Glass", "Enigma Machine", "Behind the Veil".
8. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
Great one, but slightly simplified and majorly overlength-ified. Favorites: "In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1", "The Dark Eternal Night", "Constant Motion", "Forsaken".
9. Dream Theater - Octavarium
Not bad, but stagnating. Sort of little radio feel, but they still did some genius stuff here. Favorites: "Octavarium", "Panic Attack", "The Root of All Evil".
10. Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events
This album got a little bit more negativity than it should have. Surely isn't the best DT album, but even without Portnoy, the guys still pulled off a pretty solid album. Favorites: "On the Backs of Angels", "Lost Not Forgotten", "Build Me Up, Break Me Down", "This Is the Life".
11. Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite
Underrated! Catchy, good, and I really like Dominici. Favorites: "A Fortune in Lies", "The Killing Hand", "YtseJam".
12. Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity
I understand all the negative hype - it's genuine. Favorite: "Peruvian Skies".

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