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The idea for this list was given to me by mz when I expressed that I was more excited about Blut Aus Nord's upcoming Memoria Vetusta III than their Debemur MoRTi EP. As he said: "You are known as a person with intense love for experimental/avantgarde black metal and everyone by default expects you to love a MoRT-like album more that what is probably going to be a not-so-original-melodic black metal album." While I do prefer experimental metal, and tend to lean more towards black and doom, there are plenty of more orthodox and classic releases outside of these confines that I love as well, some of which are true guilty pleasure albums. I decided to throw in some non-MS albums as well, to show that my tastes definitely aren't limited to metal. In no particular order, we have...

Created by: Apothecary | 24.01.2014

1. Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
I first got into metal around the time that I was 11, introduced to it by my older cousin. Pantera were his favorite band, and this was thus THE first metal album I ever heard. Groovy, in your face, and still one of my favorites to this day.
2. Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family
Say what you want about the guy today, but the fact of the matter is that back in the early 90s, he was pretty much the bastard child of Alice Cooper. Great industrial metal that gave a huge middle finger to American society and scared the shit out of parents for years to come. Part of the lyrics for My Monkey are even taken from a Charles Manson song. Need I say more?
3. White Zombie - Astro Creep: 2000 - Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head
Another great industrial release, this album is a true gift for fans of all things horror and sci fi. A ton of memorable riffs, and one of my favorite albums in terms of audio samples.
4. Strapping Young Lad - Alien
Can I get away with one more industrial album? Most people prefer City, but I think Alien has a bit more randomized and angry songwriting that better reflects Devy's personality (I believe he actually stopped taking his bipolar meds for its recording). One of my absolute favorite albums to listen to when I'm pissed off and just need to let the fury out.
5. Testament - The Ritual
This album gets a lot more shit than it deserves. When I was getting into thrash, this was one of the first releases I listened to that had a more melodic, relaxing side to it, and showed me that the genre wasn't just all about macho fury. It also made me happy because you can tell here that this wasn't a band softening up their sound for mainstream attention: they were trying new things.
6. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
I do like bands that go political every now and then, and this is one of the best albums in that area. Great synthesis of metal with some funk and rap elements, and a ton of memorable lines.
7. Municipal Waste - The Art Of Partying
This album is about as cliche as thrash metal can get. But hey: it's violent, fun, and it sure is a better fusion of metal and punk than your average shitty metalcore band.
8. Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
The best band Dio was ever in, in my opinion. His fantasy-inspired lyrics fit perfectly with Blackmore's neoclassical playing style, and created a good union that was never again matched. Favorite album of theirs. I mean, Gates Of Babylon. And Lady Of The Lake. And Kill The King. And, and and...
9. Voivod - Dimension Hatröss
Maybe not that much of a surprise, because anyone who knows me well should know I'm a total sci fi slut. Spacey thrash, the natural forefathers of Vektor. Cool shit.
10. Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black
One of the few prog metal albums I actually really, REALLY enjoy. Great work from Warrel Dane and Jeff Loomis as usual, and has a really interesting concept behind it (a past girlfriend of Warrel Dane joined a cult and he never saw her again).
11. Therion - Theli
I don't enjoy that much symphonic metal, but this album has a dark and almost Gothic air about it that makes it a bit more ensnaring for me than most other bands within the genre. Nightside Of Eden is especially good.
12. Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
Violent thrash with an aggressive political theme can be very fun in its proper context, and this is certainly one of the best albums within such a style. Groovy and hard-hitting, with a brutally honest description of life in L.A. in the early 90s. Also one of my favorite albums to work out to.
13. Obituary - Cause Of Death
One of the best classic death metal albums, in part because of the diversity between aggressive cuts and some slow, heavier tracks. A perfect album to prove those who think the genre's all about no-holds-barred speed wrong.
14. Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth
Epic Tolkien-themed power metal, with more of a focus on The Silmarillion than the actual LOTR trilogy? Yes please. On a rare day, you may have the opportunity to catch me in my battle armor singing along to Mirror Mirror.
15. Twisted Tower Dire - Crest Of The Martyrs
Definitely a guilty pleasure album. About as cheesy as cheesy power metal gets, but the levels of epic and catchy here rival those of Iron Maiden, and who doesn't like a little cheese every now and then? The Reflecting Pool = yummy provolone.
16. Black Sabbath - Born Again
Another album where I can't understand why it gets as much shit as it does. As much as I love Dio-era Sabbath, Ian Gillian was honestly a much better fit than he was, and the tracks on here sound a lot closer to original Sabbath than stuff from Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules did. Seriously a shame that this was the only release to come from the collaboration.
17. Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
Definitely one of the pinnacles of jazz fusion. Funky, intricate, and a bit psychedelic all at the same time. Hip hop artists would use samples from this album for generations to come.
18. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Another top-of-the-game jazz fusion release, highlighted by the title track, nearly 30 minutes of straight jammy improv
19. Frank Zappa - Apostrophe
How can anyone not like Zappa? Amazingly versatile, multi-instrumentalist, with a bizarre humor that can only be recognized as his own. One hell of a fun album
20. Van Der Graaf Generator - H To He Who Am The Only One
Unfortunately Van Der Graaf aren't typically held in as high regard as Pink Floyd, Yes, and King Crimson (no clue why). Highly intricate, but not to the point of being uninviting. Very warm, relaxing, and melodic, no doubt helped by the stunning vocal work of the one and only Peter Hammil. True prog rock gem.
21. Grateful Dead - Anthem Of The Sun
This album was trippy before "trippy" became ironic. 1967, Summer Of Love, hippies, all that good stuff. Doesn't get more psychedelic than this.
22. Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distant Trip
One of the best albums within the recent acid rock revival movement
23. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein
Widely held as one of the best hip hop albums of the 00's, MCs Vast Aire and Vordul Mega paint a gritty picture of New York City life, with a strong "ghost in the shell" type of theme. Dirty, clever, and dangerously formidable.
24. Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst
An alternate persona of Kool Keith, this album is the epitome of fun, goofy hip hop, with a strong sci fi theme sure to delight nerds. Funky beats provided by the one and only Dan The Automator, the same producer behind the Deltron 3030 debut.
25. Devin Townsend - Ziltoid The Omniscient
Seriously, I think it's impossible for anyone to not enjoy the musicianship and humor behind this album, unless you're an old grumpy conservative with back problems who's on 15 different types of medication or something like that
26. Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
I do really, REALLY enjoy early grunge, before the genre got popularized and degenerated into commercial radio rock. I guess part of the reason I like this one so much is because of its slight stoner similarities. Really fun, groovy release. And the vocals of Chris Cornell? Enough said.
27. Meshuggah - Nothing
Irony: I can't stand djent, but I love Meshuggah. Well, the band were never really djent in themselves anyway, even though they may've coined future characteristics of the genre. Interesting rhythms going on here: simple, but somehow suggestive of a grander theme in their "less is more" type of delivery. The lyrics are always some cool stuff to contemplate as well
28. Korn - See You On The Other Side
Yeah, that's right. Slap me, call it terrible, whatever, but back in the day this was a totally fun and exciting album for me, and pretty good party music as well. It's one of those types of releases that you grew up with that never quite leaves you, even though as you get older you find a ton of better stuff that comparatively makes it look like shit.

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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Alex Fenger - 01.12.2014 at 16:10  
I was surprised to see that you love Dream Theater's Images and Words so much. Would have expected to see that on the list
Apothecary - 01.12.2014 at 16:28  
Written by Alex Fenger on 01.12.2014 at 16:10

I was surprised to see that you love Dream Theater's Images and Words so much. Would have expected to see that on the list

Where'd you find that, my collection?
Yeah, that's one of the few prog albums where I can totally get into the hype surrounding it. Great performance from everyone in the band.
Alex Fenger - 01.12.2014 at 16:30  
Written by Apothecary on 01.12.2014 at 16:28

Where'd you find that, my collection?

I regularly stalk everyone's votes. I go through all of the 9's and 10's basically.

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