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Fuck Everything

I think the list is self-explanatory. Ordering is semi-random, stream-of-consciousness style.

1. Black Tongue - Born Hanged : Falsifier (Redux)
2. Traitors - Traitors
3. Immoralist - Widow
4. The Acacia Strain - Coma Witch
5. Black Sheep Wall - I Am God Songs

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Created by Uldreth on 05.08.2017

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Deathcore 101

This is a list of deathcore albums I think positively about. Meaning I include both stuff I think of as enjoyable and stuff I consider to be brilliant music. Order is alphabetical, also only one album per band.

Recs are much welcome!

1. Aegaeon - Being
2. The Acacia Strain - 3750
3. After The Burial - Rareform
4. All Shall Perish - The Price Of Existence
5. Animosity - Empires

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Created by Uldreth on 30.03.2014

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Uldreth's 2013 List

Uldreth is good at deciding what he likes and what he does not, but is terrible at setting a definitive order at them. So all albums in this list are ordered alphabetically. All albums included are positives and the degree of their positivity is measured by stars.

1. 65daysofstatic - Wild Light
2. After The Burial - Wolves Within
3. August Burns Red - Rescue & Restore
4. Bad Religion - True North
5. Barrow - Though I'm Alone

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Created by Uldreth on 23.12.2013

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Uldreth's Ultimate Metalcore List

This is a long list of metalcore albums from all over the genre's spectrum, albums I consider to be either exceptionally good, are historically important to the genre, or just are an enjoyable listen regardless.

My intentions with this to provide a good start for people who wish to get to know the genre more, or are just looking for more albums to listen.

1. 7 Angels, 7 Plagues - Jhazmyne's Lullaby
2. The Agonist - Lullabies For The Dormant Mind
3. All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals
4. Amia Venera Landscape - The Long Procession
5. Architects - Nightmares

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Created by Uldreth on 31.10.2012