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Non-Metal Albums By Metal Bands/Artists

A list of non-metal albums made by bands/artists who are either currently or have been part of a metal band. Ambient, Acoustic, Folk, etc.

1. Finntroll - Visor Om Slutet
2. Wongraven - Fjelltronen
3. Ulver - Kveldssanger
4. Helloween - Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary
5. Månegarm - Urminnes Hävd - The Forest Sessions

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Created by Rognvaldr on 26.03.2013

Top 10 Best Shows I've Been To

I was just looking over my past ticket stubs reminiscing over all the shows I've been to. My ratings are based on not just the bands but also the venue, how the band/crowd/setlist was & how I personally felt in general, health, mood, etc. So mostly a personal list to not be taken seriously, although I think many could agree that these were all fantastic shows! The first two shows are actually tied for me and the Amon Amarth show BARELY beats out Blind Guardian for me, almost tied really. A couple of the venues might have a different name or no longer exist.

1. Heathen Crusade II - Jan. 19-20, 2007
2. Judas Priest - Reunited Tour
3. Amon Amarth - Nov. 28, 2007
4. Blind Guardian - Dec. 8, 2006
5. Paganfest - May 19, 2008

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Created by Rognvaldr on 01.02.2016

10 Songs For Patty's Day

1. Cruachan - O Ro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
2. Primordial - The Coffin Ships
3. Mael Mórdha - Cluain Tarḃ
4. Waylander - King of the Fairies
5. Folkearth - Gaelic Valor

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Created by Rognvaldr on 18.03.2013