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My Favorite Albums By Year

This list is list of my favorite albums in last 30+ year,limited to one album per year.
*Years marked with ? means that i have not decided what album to put there.
**Also there were so much good albums from '84 and '94 that i like but that is theme for another list.

1. Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance
2. 2012-?
3. Crysalys - The Awakening Of Gaia
4. Darkthrone - Circle The Wagons
5. 2009-?

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 17.11.2013

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List of winners of ANGEL REAPERS "TOTAL DICK of the MONTH" awards.Each month one winner will be selected from around the metal universe.
Suggestions and comments are welcome.

1. Canadian Government - August 2013
2. Tobias Sidegård of Necrophobic - September 2013
3. Glen Benton of Deicide and Broken Hope - October 2013
4. "Thats racist!" yelling folks and Mastodon's Thanksgiving T-Shirt - November 2013
5. Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn for killing Surrender Of Divinity's frontman - January 2014

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 01.09.2013

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Guide To First Wave Of Black Metal

This list is a guide to the first wave of Black Metal.
Releases here are considered to be a part of the first wave
or they stylistically are similar to the first wave bands.
Some releases are of thrash/death bands but please note that
at the time first wave wasn't really homogeneous style and that
those bands are included cause they were influence to the bands
that will later form Second wave.
Have in mind that First wave ceased to exist somewhere around 1987-1989.
Releases are ordered by release year.
Have fun!

1. Venom - Welcome to hell
2. Venom - Black Metal
3. Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate
4. Slayer - Show No Mercy
5. Mercyful Fate - Melissa

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 13.05.2013

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Hamster Syndrome

Bullshit! In my collection i have some albums of the bands i like that are total crap and i still keep them even now without the will to listen to them or to trow them away.The following list shows you those albums!
*Hamster is psychological state where you keep everything you came in posses whereas it has value or not ,is needed to you or even is useful.

1. Burzum - Umskiptar
2. Bathory - Octagon
3. Bathory - Requiem
4. Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao
5. Celtic Frost - Monotheist

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 19.03.2013

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OK ... so you have went trough my last list for all of you guitar nerds out there,learned few cool riffs ,probably tried to make a band or just to impress some girl,right? And you rune into new problem - the hot chicks are not into metal,and all your friends are into "grim and frostbitten stuff".So now is the right time to go to the nest level!!!
*As always solos are not part of discussion,
**Anyone who completed previous list should not have to have problems with this one
***ROCK ON !!!

1. Mayhem - Deathcrush
2. Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
3. Bolt Thrower - Those once loyal
4. Bathory - Return of Darkness and Evil
5. Venom - Countess Bathory

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 07.02.2012

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Hi everyone!
This is Angel Reaper's spotlight list of bands/albums which are good/rare/obscure/underground/unheard/unknown.....Here I will try to show you good stuff which I came across on net,and also give a basic info about them.
Updates will be added once in a while....
Also: comments about the bands/albums presented here are welcome...
Last update 24.7.2014. Enjoy!

1. Amon Din - Dinamoneyezed
2. Mistress(GER) - Worship the Temptress
3. Ilkim Oulanem - Iblisbilim
4. Split Beaver - When Hell Wont Have You
5. Zaklana Celjad - Nisamneznamkakosamosnownuskoluzavrsio

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 06.02.2011

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10 Metal Songs That You Need Less Than 5 Minutes To Learn How To Play On Guitar

So you bought the guitar,plugged it in the amp and........So you figured that you cant play your favorite metal song on first try,that you cant be as good as your favorite guitar player...
Well this is not a thing that should put you in despair because here comes the list of 10 easy songs that you can learn to play in less than 5 minutes,and you can brag to all of your non-musicians friends about it...
P.S. Yes,solos are not a part of discussion...

1. Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock
2. The Stooges - I Wanna be your Dog
3. Burzum - The crying Orc
4. Bathory - 13 Candles
5. Burzum - Lost Wisdom

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Created by ANGEL REAPER on 30.01.2011