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Favorite bands: Opera IX, Slayer, Burzum, Death, Rotting Christ, Master's Hammer, Bathory, Immortal, Darkthrone, Emperor, Celtic Frost, HellHammer, Sodom, Destruction, Masacre, Malon, Hermetica, Luzbel, Noctis Invocat, Seol, C.R.U.E.L., Abyssum, Xilbalba, Inquisition, Incantation, Thornspawn, Venom, Pazuzu, Abigor, Puritas Virginum, Necrohell, Mayhem, Morbid, Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Nausea, Napalm Death, Pestilence, Old Funeral, Malignancy, Cannibal Corpse, Annihilator, AlmaFuerte, Morbid Angel, Tankard, Kreator, Korova, Gloomy Grim, Summoning
Favorite album: The call of the wood
Favorite song: Alone in the Dark
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Magic books, Wicca , metal music,
Christians, politics, possers,
Favorite Music
Black metal ,death metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, dark classical, etc

I'm anti-christian, metal-head, looking for a metal headbanger lady, I have black and long hair, balls of steel, I'm an academy musician, I hate nu metal and all that posser's shit, I'm an elite true black metal headbanger, not because I say it but because I Am, no bullshit, no weakness, straight from hell, I have just arrived, from the boundaries of hell, Beyond the valley of the silence, along the paths of ancient knowledge led from the dense odors of the wind. Let the last smoke disappear carried from the wind. Rise your eyes full of astral energy and look at the crow that will lead my return to silence. Let the night fall down on you as the death curtain falls down on life and meet me you won't regret it.....