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Personal text: My reviews are rated according to Metal Storm's rating system (1-Worst Ever, 2-Pure Shit, 3-Very Bad, 4-Bad, 5-Not Good, 6-Average, 7-Good, 8-Very Good, 9-Excellent, 10-Perfect). Additionally, I rate considering that the reader actually buys albums (8-10 for digital, 12-15 for CDs, 20-25 for vinyl) instead of streaming music for free or by paying a few euros a month. I also try to predict and take into account how an album will age, and if it will still be listened by anyone in ten years' time.

9-10 (green): must buy if you are a metal fan.
7-8 (yellow): should buy if you are a fan of the style(s) the band plays.
5-6 (orange): may buy if you are a fan of the band and/or a collector.
1-4 (red): various degrees of telling you to stay away.

Whole numbers are enough, no decimals needed.

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Autonoesis - Autonoesis
17.10.2020 | Prog/tech/melo/death/black thrasher

This debut album by Autonoesis from Canada is a stellar blend of technical thrash metal with progressive and melodic death/black metal, and it is one of these rare cases that the record gets better and better with every listen. Imagine Voivod, Coroner, Death and Dissection jamming together and churning out invigorating and acrobatic riffs, as well as eclectic and emotional melodies, with a strong progressive undertow. This is an independent release so the sound could be improved and the complex character and songwriting calls for a real drummer rather than a drum machine but, frankly, this is a damn great album, especially considering that it came from out of nowhere.

Name your price and get it on Bandcamp right now.
Thumbs up: RaduP, Dream Taster, Starvynth

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