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Sepultura - Arise
26.03.2021 | Under a pale grey sky, we shall Arise!

Arise is the final chapter of one of the most celebrated trilogies in the history of thrash metal. The death metal element of Sepultura's previous albums is toned down and in its place we find industrial touches with the use of samples and sound effects. Raw fury and breakneck death/thrash is still present but it is now complemented by big chunks of mid-tempo, heavy groove. The Brazilian / tribal approach in the drumming is a standout and original feature, and the drums got extra extra attention by the production of Scott Burns which is one of the best he ever did. The mix by Andy Wallace makes it sound killer still after all these years, slightly favouring the percussion and the lead guitar parts. The cover art by Michael Whelan reminisces Obituary's Cause Of Death, maybe because Sepultura were still gutted because that cover was initially planned to be used for Beneath The Remains but Roadrunner Records had convinced them to go with the red skull. When it came out exactly 30 years ago, Arise was a perfect and very forward-thinking thrash metal album. Its immense value for the style can be appreciated simply considering that the same would be said about it, if it were released today.

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Thumbs up: RaduP, Deadsoulman, Dream Taster, Starvynth, ScreamingSteelUS, Mr. Doctor

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