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Favorite bands: Nile, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Mudvayne, Stolen Babies, American Head Charge, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle Of Filth, Devilinside, Lamb Of God, Lacuna Coil, Machine Head, Slayer, Wednesday 13, Lividity, Epicurean, Veil Of Maya, Graveworm, Fuck The Facts, Dreaming Dead, Netherbird, Cerebral Bore, Agruss, Inanimate Existence, Abiotic
Favorite album: all
Favorite song: Lamb of God-11th hour
Favorite movies: underworld, queen of the damned, inuyasha
Favorite books: anything magic the gathering and the black jewels trilogy
Personal text: bands i listen to that aren't on MS

Murderdalls, A Dozen Furies, Burning Human, Beyond Fatal, Endast, Australis, Blood Drunk, Boris the Blade, Divine Sins, Eden To Ashes, End Of Ouroboros, Extinct Gods, Grimus, Human Parasite, Less Than Nothing, Mortal Plague, Nailed Shut, Ontogeny, Science of Sleep, Slow Children, The Dissension, The Isolation Factor, Through Plagues, Unearthly, Vires, Carnophage, Rotting Decay, Slowly Rotten, Dire Necro Cerberus, Nekkrosis, One We Created, Inferius Torment, Carneia

Attended events

24.01.2016 USA, Minneapolis, MN - Nile: US Tour 2016
03.08.2014 USA, Minneapolis, MN - Summer Slaughter Tour 2014
24.06.2013 USA, St. Paul, MN - Melechesh: North American Tour 2013
16.03.2013 USA, St. Paul, MN - Nile: North American Tour 2013
19.10.2012 USA, Saint Paul, MN - Septicflesh: Conquerors Of The World - North American Tour 2012
30.01.2010 USA, Minneapolis, MN - Arch Enemy + Exodus + Arsis
23.01.2010 USA, St. Paul, MN - Nile: Those Whom The Gods Detest Tour
18.01.2010 USA, Maplewood, MN - Bound By The Road Tour
20.11.2009 USA, St. Paul, MN - Planetary Depravity Tour
10.10.2009 USA, St. Paul, MN - God Dethroned: N. American Tour
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  2014 Fuck The Facts - Abandoned [EP]
  2007 Antigama - Resonance
  2009 Antigama - Warning
  2001 Melechesh - Djinn  | 8
  1996 Melechesh - As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar  | 8
  2006 Melechesh - Emissaries  | 8
  2012 Ophidian I - Solvet Saeclum  | 8
  2012 Afgrund - The Age Of Dumb  | 8
  2009 Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar  | 8
  2002 Beheaded - Recounts Of Disembodiment  | 7

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