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From: Dundee, United Kingdom
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Guitar, electronics, Irn-Bru, programming, languages, cinema, PC gaming, reading, cats, finding new music, Tolkien
Hates: narrow-mindedness, people talking in the cinema, Internet spelling, memes
Musical taste: Power metal first and foremost, epic sounding music, prog, folk and some doom. I tend to prefer clean vocals. I also like soundtracks, fusion, classical and prog rock.
Publications: Reviews (19)  
Languages: English, Danish, Swedish
Personal text: I'm Scottish. I'm apparently a Computer and Electronic Systems Engineer. I spend most of my time reading Tolkien, listening to music, playing guitar and watching too many Blu-Rays.
Member since: 18.02.2015 | Last seen online: 13d ago


From: Toulon, France
Working on: Reviews.
Likes: Christian Bale, cheese and wine.
Hates: Not having Christian Bale, cheese and wine.
Musical taste: Awesome.*
Latest discovery: Tyrant Of Death - Ascendency and Combichrist - We Love You
Publications: Articles (5)  Reviews (50)  
Languages: Sarcasm.
Personal text: Meow.
Member since: 04.05.2008 | Last seen online: 2h ago


From: Canada
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Dogs
Hates: Getting the wrong food at the drive thru at McDonald's and driving away
Musical taste: Some of almost everything basically
Publications: Reviews (39)  
Personal text: I live in Canada and attend university. I like writing reviews to contribute to the site, share my opinions and continually improve my writing skills. I am trying to explore new avenues in music a bit more, to experience new things and gain some insight into other people's points of view. I always try to be as friendly as I can.

I am also a very dedicated Detroit Red Wings fan, but also have favourites from and follow every other major sports league.
Member since: 01.05.2011 | Last seen online: 1132d ago


From: Gafsa |Tunis, Tunisia
Working on: Mainly Reviews and Articles.
Likes: Listening to Music, Programming, Hiking.
Hates: Loud-chewing people.
Musical taste: Dark/Folk Metal, Groove and Trailer Music.
Publications: Articles (5)  Reviews (37)  
Languages: Arabic, French, English and Italian.
Member since: 05.04.2005 | Last seen online: 748d ago


From: Oxford, United Kingdom
Working on: Official Contributor
Likes: Movies, football, and really heavy atmospheric music
Hates: Retro-thrash and heavy metal
Musical taste: Prog, post-, stoner, black, but generally most sub-genres
Latest discovery: Ingrina - Etter Lys
Publications: Articles (8)  Reviews (34)  
Languages: English
Personal text: Moving to London to hopefully form a band that may one day be reviewed on this site.
Member since: 20.03.2011 | Last seen online: 3h ago


From: Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Working on: Database & news
Likes: women, sex, alcohol, metal
Hates: man, not having sex, drinking coca cola, listening pop
Musical taste: Heavy, speed, power, thrash, symphonic, gothic, old school black & death
Latest discovery: $ilverdollar - found some stuff on eBay
Publications: Reviews (11)  
Languages: Bosnian, English
Personal text: We are the offkeys, we gather in secrecy, torment and pain and ready to mind, we're as one with the earth, we are the pagan legions of tomorrow, we are the graceful, raised in purity, some on the run and mastered to rule, we are ready to strike
Member since: 15.03.2012 | Last seen online: 41h ago


From: Athens, Greece
Working on: Reviews, news, database.
Likes: Nearly every sport, alcohol, dogs, music.
Hates: Pretentiousness.
Musical taste: \m/
Latest discovery: Suffering Hour - Dwell
Publications: Articles (14)  Reviews (116)  Interviews (2)  
Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish
Member since: 15.08.2015 | Last seen online: 1h ago


From: Arad / Timisoara, Romania
Working on: Database, reviews, interviews
Likes: Getting home from work and wasting the entire rest of the day
Hates: fun
Musical taste: Black metal, doom metal, post-rock, prog rock, a lot of stuff
Latest discovery: Ramleh - Hole In Heart
Publications: Articles (31)  Reviews (178)  Interviews (14)  Galleries (3)
Languages: Romanian, English, a bit of French, a bit of German
Personal text: I wish I was better at managing my time and was less lazy so I could watch more movies and study more efficiently. My feet hurt at concerts. I study automatics and computers and work for a nice little company. I hope to someday marry the girl I'm with.
Member since: 11.01.2013 | Last seen online: 21m ago


From: Milwaukee, Wi, USA
Working on: contributor, reviewer, self-appointed MS post metal apologist
Likes: pc games, sports, a little tv now and then
Hates: irritating things
Musical taste: post, prog, old school thrash, blackgaze, shoegaze
Latest discovery: Oceanwake - Sunless
Publications: Reviews (44)  
Personal text: "go big or go home"
Member since: 12.04.2009 | Last seen online: 60h ago


From: Germany
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Listening/Playing/Writing Music, Books, History, Archery, Hiking/Walking
Hates: Milk in my tea
Musical taste: Black, Death (incl Melo), some Doom and Folk... And some classical of course.
Latest discovery: Revisiting lots of good stuff from the 90s.
Publications: Reviews (62)  Interviews (1)  
Languages: German, English, some Russian, some Portuguese
Personal text: Student, playing on my guitars and bass and writing music both for a black metal and an ambient project. Sometimes for other stuff as well.
Member since: 01.03.2010 | Last seen online: 1h ago