Exodus - Fabulous Disaster

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Release date: 30 November 1988
Style: Bay Area thrash metal


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01. The Last Act Of Defiance
02. Fabulous Disaster
03. The Toxic Waltz
04. Low Rider [War cover]
05. Cajun Hell
06. Like Father, Like Son
07. Corruption
08. Verbal Razors
09. Open Season
10. Overdose [AC/DC cover]
11. Fabulous Disaster [live] [2008 reissue bonus]
12. Toxic Waltz [live] [2008 reissue bonus]
13. Cajun Hell [live] [2008 reissue bonus]
14. Corruption [live] [2008 reissue bonus]

Steve Souza - vocals
Gary Holt - guitars
Rick Hunolt - guitars
Tom Hunting - drums
Rob Mckillop - bass

Studio musicians
Brian Mantilla - percussion
Dov Christopher - voice
Dov Christopher - harmonica

Additional info
Produced by Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt and Marc Senesac.
Recorded by Marc Senesac and David Plank at Alpha & Omega Recordings, S.F., CA.
Mixed by Marc Senesac, Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt at Different Fur Studios, S.F., CA.
Mixing assistant: Chad Munsey.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman, L.A., CA.
Art direction by David Bett.
All music and lyrics by Exodus, except "Low Rider" music and lyrics by Thomas Allen, Harold Brown, Morris Dickerson, Gerald Goldstein, Leroy Jordan, Lee Leviton, Charles Miller and Howard Scott (War) and "Overdose" music and lyrics by Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Bon Scott (AC/DC).

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23.04.2011 - 09:47
Rating: 8
Good album but a terrible terrible lowrider cover...
22.10.2012 - 05:43
Rating: 9
Pretty awesome album
05.10.2013 - 10:30
Rating: 9
Written by Egigantea on 22.10.2012 at 05:43

Pretty awesome album

Too be honest, I wish they'd play more tracks from this album live.
05.10.2013 - 22:43
Rating: 9
Angelic Storm
I like this album a lot, although it's definitely a step down from the thrash masterclasses which were it's two predecessors. Songs like the title track and "Corruption" though, are Exodus at their very best!
23.03.2014 - 19:09
Rating: 7
Dr. Strawberry
This was one of my favorite in the 90's, I find that it is not that great anymore due to the tempo is a bit slow compare with a lot of new bands' works.
Ironically Impact is imminent sounds better nowadays compare with the time I listened in the 90's.
21.10.2014 - 18:39
Rating: 8
For me a little better and more diverse than the band's last album, even if the "Low Rider" cover seems so out of place. The only problem I see here is how the album's two longest songs are right next to each other, and the second is definitely more effective than the first. Nonetheless, there's plenty of classic cuts to take from here (namely "Toxic Waltz" and "The last Act of Defiance"), but it's generally a very solid, very precise thrash album.
31.08.2016 - 19:36
Rating: 8
Metal Addict
I think that this album is a bit underrated compared to Bonded By Blood. A very solid thrash metal record, and I actually really like the Low Rider cover.
Favourite tracks: Fabulous Disaster, Toxic Waltz, Low Rider, Like Father, Like Son.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
31.08.2016 - 20:07
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
A fun and good album but still the weakest of their first three due to the fillers on it.
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31.08.2016 - 20:46
The Batlord
They actually threw just a dash of diversity into the mix with this album, so that's cool, and the fun factor is probably the highest for any Exodus album, but it's got too many filler/just decent songs. The production is also kinda boring. It's not as wimpy as Death Angel's Act III, but I imagine they were definitely going for some mainstream recognition. But the songs that are truly good are some of Exodus' best ("Toxic Waltz", "Lowrider" [come on, it's fun as fuck], "Cajun Hell", and "Verbal Razors"). "The Last Act of Defiance" and "Fabulous Disaster" are pretty cool too, especially the latter, but I can't even remember what the rest of them sound like. And "Like Father, Like Son" goes beyond filler to be the most fucking boring Exodus song I can think of.
Bands that suck: Dream Theater, Dragonforce, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, the folk rock half of Led Zeppelin, 99% of thrash metal bands from the turn of the century, Mumford & Sons, any death metal band influenced by Necrophagist.

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