Exodus - Trivia

The song "Impaler" was originally to be featured on Bonded by Blood, but it was abandoned when Kirk Hammett took the main riff with him to Metallica (it was used on "Trapped Under Ice")
Exodus toured with Rob Zombie and Slayer in 2011 on their Hell on Earth tour as the opening act. Gary Holt filled in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman during the tour after Hanneman contracted necrotizing fasciitis from a spider bite.
Jack Gibson started a bluegrass/country band known as Coffin Hunter as a prominent banjo player. This was inspired by "Bonded By Banjo", a hidden track on 2008's "The Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A".
Paul Baloff had business cards printed stating he will destroy stuff.
Members of Exodus would often confront people wearing G.L.A.M. band T-shirts and "demand that they let them cut it to pieces with thier pocket knives - or they'd do it while he wore it". They would then make wristbands out of the shirts as kind of a "badge of honor" to wear on stage.
Guitarist Lee Altus was offered a position as the lead guitarist in Megadeth during the late 80's but declined due to the excessive drug use in the band.
Exodus' 2010 release Exhibit B: The Human Condition is dedicated to the memory of Evile bassist Mike Alexander, who died in October 2009.
Professional footballer David Beckham was photographed wearing a T-shirt with an Exodus album cover printed on it. It was later revealed that Beckham was not only not a fan of the band but had never heard of them either. He wore it because classic 1980s metal bands on T-shirts were in fashion at the time.
The original title of their album 'Bonded by Blood' was 'A Lesson in Violence' but their record label forced them to change it, since they considered it too violent...