Brutart - Mimic

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Release date: 2007
Style: Doom metal


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01. Fade
02. Termites
03. Immigrants
04. Delirium
05. Fabric Of Illumination
06. Rebellion
07. Materia
08. The Verge
09. Marionette
10. Fiends Of Sympathy
11. Desert

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Slovenia isn't the most flourishing country in terms of a metal scene, but that doesn't mean that there are no good bands at all. A recent discovery of mine are the brutal Doomsters Brutart, who released their début album "Mimic" in 2007.

For a country with only a small metal scene (or at least an unknown one) you may expect only archetypical metal bands, but that is certainly not the case with Brutart. In fact, these guys are very fresh. In essence, they carry a lot of Doom in their sound, but these guys pack a few surprising left and right hooks, and a jawbreaker of an uppercut. First of all, they tempo is often considerably higher than your average Sabbathian Doom band. No church bells or "please god help me" wails here, but pummelling riffs and mid-paced to fast tempo's. The vocals remind me of a Lee Dorrian (Cathedral) who has listened to too much Autopsy. He packs some awesomely nasty burps.

published 23.01.2009 | Comments (8)

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