Korpiklaani - Ukon Wacka

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Release date: 4 February 2011
Style: Folk metal


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01. Louhen Yhdeksäs Poika
02. Päät Pois Tai Hirteen [Peer Günt cover]
03. Tuoppi Oltta
04. Lonkkaluut
05. Tequila
06. Ukon Wacka
07. Korvesta Liha
08. Koivu Ja Tähti
09. Vaarinpolkka
10. Surma
11. Iron Fist [Motörhead cover] [limited edition bonus]

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Silver moonlight, massive forests, the riverside, and an old man with old-fashioned clothes, a curious laugh on his lips, and a kind, gentle look - it may not remind you of the usual style of metal music, but when you hear the roaring screams and riffs, the true nature of these Finns will be apparent. The famous Finnish group Korpiklaani is unrivaled in the use of Finnish folk instruments, and with twelve beautiful albums has long enjoyed an unassailable position in folk metal.

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17.02.2011 - 13:50
Rating: 8
Until the End
I personally think this is the best album they've done since 'Tales Along This Road', the longer gap between this and their last album has paid dividends.
22.02.2011 - 08:53
Rating: 1
I think their last good album was "voise of the wilderness" all other albums becoming worse and worse.
19.03.2011 - 00:40
Hey, I've listened to a few songs... Guys, it's not so bad... I was expecting something MUCH worser, after Karkelo, which sucked (except for Vodka )...
Ukon Wacka is average... But Korvesta Liha is freaking awesome! Koivu Ja Tähti is good, at least better than I expected... Now, Vaarinpolkka... I missed Korpiklaani´s cool instrumentals (anyway, it doesn't compare to the ones from old albums)
Tequila fucking SUCKS... I expected something good, like Vodka...
Not a bad album, but think I'll stick with "Spirit...", "Voice...", "Tales", and Korven Kuningas...
03.04.2011 - 18:57
I take back what I said about Ukon Wacka. Although their earliest albums remain my favourites, this one actually gets quite good after a few spins.
Surma, Koivu Ja Tähti and Ukon Wacka are my highlights but pretty much all of them are worth your time. Keep rockin' Korpiklaani!
23.04.2011 - 00:53
Rating: 8
Written by Until the End on 17.02.2011 at 13:50

I personally think this is the best album they've done since 'Tales Along This Road', the longer gap between this and their last album has paid dividends.

I agreed. I don't understand why people talk shit about an album without even listen to it. Too low rating for this album, but well the metalstorm system had never been good. If you sum up the thirty 8, the twelve 9 and the eleven 10 that this album had got from users you can come up with something more than the 7.5 rating that it got right now.
07.07.2011 - 15:31
Rating: 7
Hmm, this is actually the first good release of them, in my opinion. They were average at first, horribly boring later. This is a huge success for them!
06.07.2012 - 10:18
Account deleted
Ukłoń waćka:D

kewl album IMO.

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