Arckanum - Fran Marder

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Release date: 15 May 1995
Style: Black metal


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01. Pans Lughn / Hvila Pa Tronan Min
02. Þe Alder Hærskande Væsende Natur
03. Svinna
04. Kununger Af Þæn Diupeste Natur
05. Gava Fran Trulen
06. Fran Marder
07. Bærghet
08. Trulmælder
09. Kolin Væruld / Ener Stilla Sior Af Droten Min

Additional info
Release Date:
1st press color cover version, in 1995
2nd press b/w cover version, in 1996

CD - LP/PLP (Vinyl version released by Blut & Eisen Prod. 2003)

Copies Made:
CD version - 1st press; 1,000
CD version - 2nd press; 1,500
LP version; 500
Picture LP version; 100
CD version by Full Moon Prod: 1,000
CD version in Digibook by Debemur Morti Prod. 2009 (DMP054)

Recording Information:
10th-13th of February, 1995. In Abyss Studio, Nyhammar, Sweden. Mixed and
produced by Peter Tägtgren and Shamaatae.

Guest Appearance:
Lena Klarström, female vocals on "Bærght", "Trulmælder" and "Gava Fran Trulen".
Sataros from Sataros Grief, vocals on "Bærghet", "Kununger Af Þæn Diupeste
Natur" and various screams and moans on intros. Peter Tägtgren, munk vocals and
ghastly screech on "Trulmælder". Mattias Pettersson, þu skulu døia on "Kununger
Af Þæn Diupeste Natur". And last but not least, Mattias Pettersson and Björn
Pettersson, frenzied screams and howlings on various songs and intros.

Lyrics on "Bærghet" is an old poem written by Sataros, originally named "De
Glömda". "Bærghet" is a dedication to Shamaatae´s magickal mountain, where
Shamaatae and Sataros have performed many magickal works, thereafter it got its
name; Bærghet. "Bærghet" is also the first part (Del I) in the manifesto of the
secret village of Tribalerna.

Full Moon Productions re-release (Feb. 2008) has 11 tracks with the combined
tracks ("/") here separated into individual tracks (and it makes more sense

Cat. nr. of this edition FMP046

Lp re-released in 2008 by World Wide War Productions and limited to 500 copies
but it is a bootleg.

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