Arckanum - Biography



The band was founded in 1992 by Shamaatae, who decided to continue solo after first demo Demo-93. The Swede had previously played drums in Conquest/Grotesque (which were to become At The Gates) and founded the Death Metal band Absorption with his brother Sataros, before renaming it Disinterment. ARCKANUM embodies Shamaatae's return to Black Metal taking inspiration from Pan, anti-cosmic Satanism, Old Norse tradition, runic witchcraft and chaos-Gnosticism. Musically the Swede draws inspiration from Black and Death Metal with strong influences from the 80's with a clear penchant for a dirty and thrashing sound. ARCKANUM's first albums Fran Marder (1995), Kostogher (1997) and Kampen (1998) as well as a host of EPs gain Shamaatae a large following in the underground. With ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ (2009), which featured a guest appearance by Set Teitan of Dissection and Watain fame, the musician begins to receive critical acclaim from mainstream metal media as well. Now Helvítismyrkr marks the next step in the evolution of ARCKANUM. Descend into the dark realm of Hel and prepare to join the final battle with the gods!

Source: Season of Mist