Arckanum - Kostogher

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Release date: 20 March 1997
Style: Black metal


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01. Skoghens Minnen Vækks
02. Yvir Min Diupe Marder
03. Øþegarðr
04. Þæn Sum Fran Griften Gangar
05. Et Sorghetog
06. Gamall Uvermark
07. Oþer Trulhøyghda
08. Gangar For Raþan Vinder
09. Bedrøvelse
10. Ir Bister Ensaminhet Iagh Ugla
11. Græmelse ok Væ
12. Kri Til Dødha Doghi

Additional info
CD - DLP/DPLP (Vinyl version released by Blut & Eisen Prod. 2004.)

Copies Made:
CD version : 3,000
Double LP version : 666
Double Picture LP version : 100
CD version by Full Moon Prod: 1,000 (Feb. 2008, Cat. nr. of this edition
CD version in Digibook by Debemur Morti Prod. 2009 (DMP055). First copies on a
black CD. Includes a seperate intro: Track 1 - 2:00

Recording Information:
Recorded during the autumn of 1995 in High Tech Trinity studio, Mora, Sweden.
Mixed and produced by Niklas Bäckar and Shamaatae.

Guest Appearances:
Lena Klarström - female vocals on "Skoghens Minnen Vækks", "Þæn Sum Fran Griften
Gangar" and "Gamall Uvermark".
Sataros from Sataros Grief - second verse on "Gangar For Raþan Vinder".
Mattias Pettersson - third verse on "Gangar For Raþan Vinder" and first satanic
scream on "Kri Til Dødha daghi".
Björn Pettersson - fourth verse on "Gangar For Raþan Vinder".
Andreas Sten - violin on "Skoghens Minnen Vækks" and "Gamall Uvermark".

The low level on the album is meant to get listeners to max their volume and let
the thunder in the end of "Skoghens Minnen Vækks" crack their speakers. "Et
Sorghetog" was originally recorded with low pitched vocals. That particular
version can be found on "The 11th Year Anniversary Album."

Photography by Fredrik Bäckar, under Shamaatae´s direction.
Logos, pencil drawings and hand writings by Shamaatae.
The wooden staff is hand made by Shamaatae, it took him two weeks with a
soldering iron to burn all the sigills, texts and pictures into the staff.

During the time this album was recorded, LP III "Kampen" and LP IV "Faunaz
Samgang" were completed.
"Øþegarðr" and "Oþer Trulhøyghda" are the parts two (Del II) and three (Del III)
in the manifesto of the secret village of Tribalerna.


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23.08.2014 - 07:54
Troy Killjoy
Great music completely ruined by a shit production. I don't care about thunder when I'm listening to black metal ffs. If I wanted to listen to sounds of nature I'd go to some hippie decor store and listen to their playlist or just go outside.
Prettier than BloodTears.

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