Emmure - Speaker Of The Dead

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Release date: 15 February 2011
Style: Metalcore


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01. Children Of Cybertron
02. Area 64-66
03. Dogs Get Put Down
04. Demons With Ryu
05. Solar Flare Homicide
06. Eulogy Of Giants
07. Bohemian Grove
08. 4 Poisons 3 Words
09. Cries Of Credo
10. Last Words To Rose
11. A Voice From Below
12. Drug Dealer Friend
13. My Name Is Thanos
14. Lights Bring Salvation
15. Word Of Intulo

Guest review by
Boxcar Willy
What the hell did I just listen to? Well, I listened to Emmure's Speaker of the Dead, and all I can say about it is: What a pile of shit. This album ravaged and beat my eardrums for just under 40 minutes. Folks, this is bad; this album is just downright horrible. I gave this album its best chance, I listened to it with open ears, I had no bias coming in to this, and I still think it is bad. Let me explain why...

published 07.01.2012 | Comments (6)

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