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Country: USA
Label: SharpTone Records

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Formed in: 2003

2003- Metalcore
2003-2007 Deathcore
2009 Nu metal


2003-  Frankie Palmeri - vocals
2016-  Josh Travis - guitars
2016-  Phil Lockett - bass
2016-  Josh Miller - drums
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2003-2009  Ben Lionetti - guitar
2003-2009  Joe Lionetti - drums
2003-2015  Mark Davis - bass
2003-2015  Jesse Ketive - guitar
2009-2011  Mike "Harvey" Kaabe - drums
2009-2015  Mike Mulholland - guitars
2012-2014  Mark Castillo - drums
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2014  Adam Pierce - drums

Latest reviews

Another instalment in the ongoing saga of edgelord metal, Emmure return once again to stir the pot again in order to drum up attention. Hindsight is the eighth album by the band and probably the strongest one yet. While the bar is low the band at least make steps to raise slightly; while most would trip over said bar given its depth, it marks a step in the right direction.   Review by omne metallum ››
Tasteless, edgy, vapid, infantile, vulgar, boorish, rapaciously stupid, self-pitying, self-absorbed, monotonous, worthless, sneeringly ill-tempered, aimlessly scurrilous, saturated with inflated machismo, as classless as a Communist utopia, and more filth-ridden than the muck-encrusted underside of an Upton Sinclair novel. Actual trash.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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