Bios - Theater Control Law [Demo]

Release date: 2005
Style: Melodic death metal


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01. Theater Control
02. Cause Of Political Disease
03. Eternal Suffering
04. Balance

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Note: when I received this demo a few months ago, the band was called Damnation (original, isn't it?). While I was trying to write this, they decided to switch to Bios, which means God knows what but at least doesn't sound cliché. So we shall call them Bios from now on. Thanks for your attention.

So Bios is a young Greek band formed in 1999. It is one of those interesting new Greek bands (I'm also thinking about Progressive Death Procedure) that mix most of the death and thrash metal they've been fed with and regurgitate it all wrapped up in a kind of typical Greek plasma - ok that was a crap analogy, will you please excuse me.

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