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Bios - Biography

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"Let us be poised, and wise, and our own, today" is the exact description of what lies at the heart of Bios's massive music appeal, while at the same time being an attitude that is all the more vanishing nowadays. With most metal bands having a formulaic approach when it comes to writing down music and even lyrics, the basics have already been set and Bios see no charm at all in repeating histories and yesterdays.

Hailing from a ghost-town called Kilkis, Greece, Bios is a melodic hardcore quartet that takes cues from no other. Formed in '00 under the name Damnation and having later released a promo "Theatre Control Law" the band quickly received astonishing reviews across the internet, not to mention Metal Hammer magazine recognizing them as one of the most formidable forces Greek heavy hardcore scene had ever seen.

Stepping into '07, Bios start writing songs that transition effortlessly from fast, powerful melodies to downtempo ground-breaking rythms and from their changing-riffs-every-10" tendency to compositions that maintain the basic idea from start to finish. Wrapping up all the above, comes "You Label My Essence", the diverse debut album from a band which you might not have heard much from yet, but that's all about to change.