Spektr - Cypher

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Release date: 5 February 2013
Style: Experimental black metal


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01. Hermetism
02. Teratology
03. The Singularity
04. Solitude
05. Antimatter
06. Solve Et Coagula
07. Cypher
08. Decorporation
09. Le Vitriol du Philosophe

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Something (probably the wine) about France seems to facilitate experimentation more regularly than the various something's about other countries. This album, an industrial-tinged instrumental black metal disc, suitingly for a French band, belongs on the list of French experimentalisms.

"Experimental" here doesn't mean that what these guys do isn't like what others before them have done, it just means that these guys avoid clichés and heard-it-a-thousand-times-before-isms like my old French uncle-in-law avoids toothbrushes and dentists (and American sports... guy's a prick). What they do sounds distinctly like their own music, not like a rehash of old Darkthrone, say, or Emperor, or Mayhem. A good thing for a modern black metal band for the most part.

published 03.01.2013 | Comments (3)

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07.02.2013 - 17:54
Account deleted
Finally heard a track off this and it confirmed my suspicion: not worth checking out at all.
14.02.2013 - 15:29
News Man
For me it sounds like industrial version of Burzum

14.02.2013 - 17:36
Combo Breaker
Written by Paz on 14.02.2013 at 15:29

For me it sounds like industrial version of Burzum

Did you mean this "solo" at 6.25 ?
14.02.2013 - 18:14
News Man
Written by Góral on 14.02.2013 at 17:36

Did you mean this "solo" at 6.25 ?

What? Too technical for Burzum?
14.02.2013 - 18:35
Combo Breaker
Written by Paz on 14.02.2013 at 18:14

What? Too technical for Burzum?

But in Varg's execution it is a "fucking good lack of technique"
13.09.2013 - 19:28
Rating: 4
This albums is better during the industrial black moments. It seems that Ambient sections are used just for the sake of having ambient sections, they are totally boring and soulless. On the other hand, drumming is very good, especially compared to the rest of album
Giving my ears a rest from music.
08.06.2014 - 14:00
Rating: 6
Giant robot
I've know Spektr since they released their second album. I have to say this is a disappointment compared to Near Death Experience and even Mescalyne. I urge every one of you who didn't like this one to forget how average it is, and try Near Death Experience.

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